Among Us is a Massively Multiplayer Online Party Game made by InnerSloth (America). The game was developed and published by the American game studio InnerSloth and released on June 15, 2018. Then it was released on mobile platforms, a little later, or rather in November, was released on Steam. She remained in the blind spot for most of the world's players until the game suddenly fired at the end of last summer.


On September 5, the peak online Among Us was 1.5 million players (On Steam - 306 thousand).

IGF President and Former Game Designer Simon Carless analyzed the story of Among Us using comments from one of the game's development team. Here is the main point of the material.

What is Among Us?

This is a Mafia style online game. Players take on the role of spacecraft workers, performing maintenance tasks. Moreover, some of them are "impostors" who are trying in every possible way to interfere with the crew. The task of the team is to hunt down the impostors and stay alive.

Success on Steam and Twitch

  • By early 2020, Among Us had enough content and almost no bugs. The developers planned to stop updating the game and focus on new projects, but this news provoked an outflow of players;
  • that all changed after British streamer Kaif drew attention to Among Us. His let-plays with friends attracted European audiences for the first time;
  • in February Steam spotted the game and offered InnerSloth a promo. The developers made a 50% discount by receiving featured and information about the campaign in the social networks of the store;
  • Support on the Valve platform has played a key role in seriously increasing the project's visibility in the store and the number of additions to wishlists. As a result, the game generated monthly revenue for two days in a row;
  • after a summer sale and a 75% discount, the game really took off: the fact is that a Twitch employee noticed the project and advised Among Us the streamer Sodapoppin, who immediately invited his friends and colleagues to it;
  • together they brought the project to a new level of popularity, after which Among Us began to set its own records online and, in fact, found a new life;
  • Among Us hit # 2 on the Steam weekly chart last week, and InnerSloth is currently planning a sequel.

Brief conclusion. Should you play Among us?

Personally, I played on the phone and the idea is pretty good. If you play on a mobile, then the game helps a lot to kill time. Should I buy it to play on PC? I would not have dared, even if it costs 5 Dollers. No, of course, if you have a good company and you need to somehow spend your time, then this is your option.

That's all. Thank you for stopping by to read the blog, even if it's a jumble somewhere. I am very grateful. But remember that they are among us ...

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