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 Detailed walkthrough guide to the remaster of the original game.


In the introductory video, we are shown the Nomad group. The paratroopers are landing on a tropical island. Once in the river, get ashore and study the first goal - to get to the meeting place with the Jester. Follow the map in the direction of the marker, study the controls and fight the first Koreans waiting for you in a small camp by the sea. After meeting the Jester, travel through the jungle and use your suit's power mode. Jump over high obstacles and get to the landing site. After examining the corpses, move forward until you get a new task. We need to get rid of the jammer in the Korean camp. Get to the yellow marker and go to the shore. The road leading to the camp goes off to the left. Go there and finish off the enemies. Use stealth mode and overcome the camp, to find vehicles with a machine gun. The weapon will be useful for destroying the Korean boat. By doing this, you will capture the camp. It remains to get close to the jammer and neutralize it (interact with the terminal).

Jump into the car and follow the road to the next marker. So you get to the river bank, simultaneously destroying several enemies, but here you will be ambushed. In addition to ordinary soldiers, there will be a machine with a machine gun. Kill everyone, try to get rid of the gunner behind the machine gun first. Move on until you reach a temporary camp. Clear this place, and then study a new goal - to destroy the enemy's command post. Drive forward along the road, deal with the Koreans at the checkpoint and approach the command post. Finish off every enemy, enter the building and use the terminal. Be sure to search the command post. For example, if you go up the stairs, then in addition to cartridges, you can take several grenades.

Jump into the transport and follow back to the destroyed enemy checkpoint. Leave the car and move on foot, destroying opponents behind the barbed wire fence. Climb the mountain and destroy the observation post. You can just shoot at the explosive barrel. Pick up the grenades, return to the wire fence and jump over the rocks. After reaching your squad, you will see a frozen ship. Watch the video of the first alien appearing, then move down and jump off the cliff. One of the partners hit the stones.



Go to the destroyed Korean camp for two objectives. First, you need to rescue the hostages from the village, and secondly, grab the enemy's command trailer. Get into the transport and move along the road, killing opponents. Follow the marker on the map to find the enemy camp. Be careful as the ground around it is mined. However, you can make them detonate by simply shooting each one. Move through the ruins of buildings and find a school. It is guarded by machine gunners located on the roof. There are also several Koreans inside. Deal with everyone, climb to the last tier and rescue the hostage sitting outside the door.

Watch the video to get a new challenge. It is necessary to neutralize enemy tanks. On the first tier there is an armory. Go there, take the rocket launcher and go outside. Three accurate hits on normal difficulty are enough to completely destroy a tank. But keep in mind that it has stronger armor in front, so a fourth shot may be required. After destroying the tank, move to a new marker, follow the river and kill opponents. When you get close to the waterfall, cross the river and meet with an ally. After chatting, enter the cave.


Move forward to the checkpoint, take control of transport vehicles and finish off enemies. Move along the road and find another jammer in the enemy camp. After disabling it, return to transport and follow the road to the marker. If necessary, switch to the machine gun in the car. When you reach the fork, turn right and go to the destroyed bridge. We need to find a bypass path. Go back and turn right. Clear the Korean camp to reach the next bridge. You will see the Koreans in a helicopter landing on the battlefield. Finish everyone, move left across the bridge in the direction of the marker. Arriving at a huge camp with many enemies, look around and pay attention to the towers. Snipers are sitting there! Lie down on the ground and use the scope to finish off everyone. Having finished with every enemy, go inside the base and interact with the computer. By uploading the data you want, you get a new target. You need to get to the excavation site. Try to leave the camp to face another enemy group. Finish off all enemies or run past.

Hop into the transport. You can even take a truck. Drive forward along the road, destroy enemies, but do not rush. In one of the buildings located by the road, there will be an armory. You can replenish your ammunition. Once at the excavation site, destroy all opponents and enter the building. Move through the corridor to the code door that Nomad can open. Watch a video featuring a doctor and a Korean army general. Then there will be an explosion.

The whole area is frozen, many Koreans are covered in ice. When you come to your senses, you will receive a new goal - to get to the evacuation point. Jump into the car and drive in the opposite direction. On the way back, you will encounter several enemy groups. Kill them or ram checkpoints. In the end, a helicopter will appear, and not everything is so smooth with it. The easiest way to destroy a turntable is with a rocket launcher. If it is not there or there are not enough missiles, use the machine gun tower on the car. There are many such machines. But remember that the helicopter can fire rockets that will instantly blow up cars, so in which case it will be ready to retreat.

After destroying the turntable, move in the direction of the marker, get to the previous bridge and turn right. The path along the river leads south. If possible, use a truck to ram Koreans in passenger cars. And the Koreans themselves are very fond of ramming cars literally at full speed. Once you reach the evacuation point, you will get a new target. You need to clear the location around the place where the transport plane should land. Defeat Koreans wearing similar outfits. Ideally, you need to get close to them and attack with a shotgun. When the transport plane appears, you can evacuate and complete the mission.



Watch the video, as a result of which Nomad will be dropped off elsewhere. In parallel with this, you will receive a new goal - to find Lieutenant Bradley. Follow the marker on the map and chat with the woman. She will ask you to deal with the enemy's air defense weapons. There are two such installations in total. Move towards the river, finish off the Koreans at the pier, and if you have the opportunity and desire - and the enemies in the boat that patrol the river. Otherwise, the latter will have a chance to blow up your boat, which will be needed later. Using a boat, cross the reservoir and get to the island, where you will immediately finish off your opponents. Swim to the left towards the marker indicating the first installation. Climb the rocks in power mode and finish off enemies. There will be a sniper on the tower! Use a rocket launcher or explosives to destroy the anti-aircraft gun.

When an enemy turntable appears, pick up a rocket launcher and launch a couple of shells into it. Or use the machine gun in the bunker. Climb the tower, pick up a sniper rifle and deal with five Koreans who set up an ambush. Take the car, drive forward along the road and you will find another helicopter in front of the Korean command post. You are unlikely to have a rocket launcher this time, so use the machine gun on the transport. Enter the command post and interact with the computer.

Go to the seashore and swim towards the next marker. You will see an anti-aircraft gun guarded by a dozen Koreans. Having dealt with them, blow up the cannon, as a result of which a transport plane with reinforcements will arrive. The new task is to deal with the last anti-aircraft artillery of the enemy. Swim in the opposite direction, go ashore and reach a large river complex. After climbing over the fence, find a secluded place and destroy every enemy. There will be at least 30 soldiers in total! After finishing them, detonate the last AA cannon to cause the spinner to appear. Deal with it, and then jump onto the forest of the cruiser, which is on the dock. Kill enemies with shotguns and disable another jammer located on the table.

Run away from the cruiser to a safe distance, use your binoculars and aim the laser pointer at the ship. A helicopter will appear, which will destroy the Korean cruiser. After that the enemy's spinner will appear. There is a building near the cruiser, inside which you can find rockets and other ammunition. Therefore, you can use the rocket launcher and quickly deal with the helicopter. Move to the marker to meet Strickland, who is sitting inside the tank. After the tunnel explodes, move forward.


A very interesting segment will begin in which you will finally control your own tank. Move a little to the right of the ally, which will allow you to hide from the incoming fire. Otherwise, your tank will be destroyed in the blink of an eye. First of all, you need to deal with the enemy turntables. Cross the field to see the enemy checkpoint. Smash it to smithereens, then use another, absolutely whole tank. Blow up the indicated carriage standing in the path of the column, move on and get to the bulls. Leave the tank and use the rocket launcher to deal with the enemy armored vehicles. Finish off regular enemies and detonate the first AA cannon.

Get back on the road, use the car and drive on. Use a rocket launcher to destroy another turntable and deal with the Koreans at the trench. Be careful as there are mines ahead. Leave the transport and get to the coast. Jump into the boat and move in the direction of the marker indicating the new AA cannon. Jump over rocks using power mode. Deal with the guards and blow up the anti-aircraft artillery installation. Use binoculars to aim the laser pointer at the desired location and undermine the Korean forces. Jump into the car and go back. On the way, you can take a gauss cannon dropped from a transport plane. Together with your allies, clear the Korean command post and move in the direction of the marker until you find an earthen ditch.


Move to the right along the railway tracks to bypass the command post. Go behind the wall and climb the tower. This way you can finish off the sniper and then pick up his rifle. Kill several opponents who run to the noise, and after the battle ends, find an office with a computer terminal. Download data on hostages at the mine, use the truck and move forward along the road. Soon you will come across a well-fortified enemy base, where there are machine gunners using nanosuits. Get rid of the truck and run along the right wall for buildings. Lure enemies there, as it will be easier for you to keep the defense here. There is a machine gun on the bridge between the buildings that you can pick up. The Gauss Cannon is useful for destroying armored enemies with machine guns. And if you can, then pick up a minigun from one of them.

When you clear the base, you will see a transport plane appear. Allies will land from it. Replenish ammunition, jump into the car and follow the road to the marker. Go around the pit of the Koreans and destroy enemies. Closer to the entrance to the mine, there will be even more Koreans, enemies in nanosuits with miniguns will appear. Kill opponents, go inside the building and deal with the remaining enemies, including one machine gunner. Move through the tunnels to the elevator shaft, jump down and get to the loose place. When the stones fall, wait a little, and then go to the right side. Cross the chasm to hear someone's voices. Get to the marker, go into the room and see General Kyang and Helen. Watch the video.

When you wake up, you find that Nomad has become a prisoner. When the explosion occurs, pick up the rifle from the floor and shoot Kyang. You need to aim at the head, since it is just not protected. Ammunition is scattered in a circle. After the victory, collect supplies, be sure to take the shotgun and enter the elevator with the hostage. Climb up, try to get out, but Nomad will fall down.



Move through the filled cave until you find the alien structure. After losing communication, enter the hall with a movable platform from above, as a result of which you will find yourself in zero gravity. Move through the passage to the lower right of the entrance, move through the long corridors, until you see an air stream blocking the path. There are several energy rods ahead that impede progress. Shoot at them and move on until you get into a closed adit with a hole in the ceiling. Fly through it, watch a video with the appearance of the enemy, as a result of which Nomad will fly out through the hatch. Climb up there and finish off the alien. Ideally use a shotgun against him. Move on, in the spacious adit, shoot at several rods to open the way further. Before doing this, it is best to kill regular enemies.

Follow on until you reach the next hall with several force barriers. They periodically disappear, so you can gradually make your way forward. In the next section with several aliens, fly through the cave into the wind tunnel. After moving through several tunnels, you will reach a bright hall. Fly to the glass, study the large spiders and kill the appeared enemies. Move through the tunnel to another hall. This is the last part of the cave. Get to the middle of it to hear a strange beep. The light will go out, and when it appears, you will be surrounded by evil aliens. It is not necessary to kill them. Find a large stone pipe where the air goes. It leads to the exit. Fly through it and get out into the fresh air.

Move down the mountain, zigzag, kill already fed up aliens using a shotgun or a gauss cannon, and then get closer to the marker. Your allies will be here. Suddenly, the Prophet appears and shares the weapons of the aliens. Protect your ally by killing aliens with a new cannon. The Prophet left it in the nearest boxes. Then you will need to lead the prophet through the icy territory. Move from marker to marker so that the Prophet can keep warm near the burning debris. When this happens, move on. Repeat the movements. You can even ignore the aliens. Only kill them when you are near the fire so that the Prophet does not freeze. Having overcome several such points, jump onto the bridge and cross it.


Next, you will need to defend the house on the cliff, the Striker squad will help you. Small aliens are killed by your allies, so you focus on the big hunters. Each must be hit at least twice from the rocket launcher. Ideally, you should climb onto the roof, but on the other hand, it will be easier to hit you. Having dealt with the hunters, you will get a new target. Jump into the car, located in the gunner's place, and shoot at the flying enemies. There will be a lot of them, so act as quickly as possible. Having reached the cliff, leave the transport and watch the cut-scene.

You will see the crash site of the transport shuttle, over which aliens are flying. Move down the road to this place and climb inside the anti-aircraft gun. Destroy a couple of flyers. Soon, special forces will appear to help Helen. Continue to destroy the flying monsters, and when you deal with them, you will find a huge Spider. You need to get to Strickland's group, since it is impossible to destroy the monster now. Move to the marker, get to the military camp and wait for the target update. You need to clear the sky so that the transport plane can land. To do this, jump into any anti-aircraft gun and shoot at enemies. After completing the task, get out of the AA cannon and get to the transport shuttle. Watch the video.


You will now operate the transport shuttle. Move in the direction of the first marker, where you will need to deal with several aliens. Maintain the hook height. After killing everyone, move on until you see an ice sphere. Steam is beating from the ground. Go down below and snuggle up to the left rock. Go around the mountain and get to the valley, where there will be several more enemies. Then the marker will disappear. However, there is only one way. Move along the river bed to the ocean, fly forward and deal with the flyers. Once you reach the edge of the map, you will complete the mission.



Watch the video, and when you can control the Nomad, navigate the deck to the open door. Opening another door, go to the cabin with the admiral and Helen. After the cut-scene, go to the warehouse with weapons, jump into the chair and listen to the words of the engineer. When testing is complete, return to the captain's bridge and watch a cutscene of nuclear weapons striking the ice sphere. The aliens take the offensive.

Waking up, you get a new goal - to stop the invasion of aliens. Pick up different weapons and ammunition, activate the armor suit's power mode and knock out the door. Going out onto the deck, you will find many enemies. Your allies deal with common enemies, but you still have to help them in order to achieve the goal.

Deal with opponents using a minigun or gauss cannon, and then get a new task. We need to rescue the engineer from the lower deck. Run outside to the point where there are three soldiers and a plane. The platform should drop down and you will be taken to the second level. Go inside, jump into the elevator and kill with the alien. Get to the marker indicating the engineer. Now you need to reload the reactor. Activate the switch, then get to the control room. Press the red button, but you will see that the aliens interfere with the launch of the reactor. Helen will get rid of them, which will knock out the door leading inside. Three rods need to be repaired to manually start the reactor. Go inside and deal with each rod as soon as possible. Move between them in a circle, clockwise. The reactor has been restarted. The admiral will call you to the bridge. Run to the marker, kill the opponents climbing the walls (SCAR with single ammo will do), and when you move to the deck, be sure to look into the armory to get the TAK cannon. Otherwise, the game will stall. Having picked it up, run to the marker to meet the admiral. When he dies, go to the upper deck to face the large Spider.

It's important to take your time now. Watch the cut-scene, pick up a gauss cannon, a minigun and a rocket launcher. Shoot the Spider with the Gauss Cannon until the green field protecting the monster disappears. Next, launch three rockets at the front of the boss, and then pick up a minigun and shoot at a huge monster. Spider was sorted out. Collect ammunition, take the rocket launcher and run to the marker. A huge alien ship will rise from the water. The most important thing in this fight is to avoid the freezing beam, but even if it hits you, just move back and forth to free yourself soon.

Hide behind crates and other cargo, near the armory with rocket launchers and gauss cannons. Shoot at the small turrets on the ship's hull, which in turn attack Nomad. Literally 3-4 shots from the Gauss cannon are enough to destroy each turret. After destroying the cannons, you will see how Helen on the shuttle destroys the protection of the left wing of the alien ship. Use the SO-cannon and shoot missiles at this part. The vessel is partially disabled.

Normal aliens will appear. Kill them with a gauss cannon, and then see how Helen destroys the protection on the right wing of the ship. Use the TAK cannon again and blow up the second block. After getting rid of the normal aliens, you will see that the ship has begun to approach. Step aside and use the rocket launchers to hit the blue hatch on the bottom of the ship. And then use the SO-cannon one last time. The spaceship is destroyed, and all you need to do is climb aboard the transport shuttle.