Demon's Souls - No 4K 60FPS on PS5

 Well-known experts from Digital Foundry report that the current version of the Demon's Souls remake on the PlayStation 5 is not capable of 60 frames per second at 4K resolution. At the moment, the game produces the cherished 60 frames only at 1440p-resolution, but the situation may still change, as Digital Foundry is also clarifying.

Their overall impression of the game is positive, but they clarified the fact that the game is now running at 1440p and will most likely get an additional Quality mode for full 4K, but at 30 frames.

However, they also emphasize that all that has been said is true only for the current build of the game and future updates to the game, console software and much more can lead to better or worse results.

The release of the remake of Demon's Souls will take place on November 12 along with the next generation consoles from Sony.

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