Selected journalists have already touched the Xbox Series X - the older model of the nextgen from Microsoft . Today the ban on publishing previews was lifted, and the media shared their opinions and test results.


  • According to the author of VentureBeat , the tall and bulky Series X initially looks strange and alien in the living room, but gradually you get used to its appearance.
  • XSX can be installed horizontally, but vertical installation is preferable - in a horizontal position the device looks less solid.

New gamepad

  • The new Xbox Controller is essentially the old Xbox Controller, but with minor improvements. The buttons are pleasant to press, the sticks move smoothly, and the bumpers are not as tight as the Xbox One controller judging by the reviews.

Download speed

One of the touted features of Sony and Microsoft's nextgen are fast solid state drives. Based on press figures, the SSD in the XSX will save you a lot of time - here are some comparisons of downloads on Series X and Xbox One X:
  • Final Fantasy XV - 13 seconds versus 1 minute 11 seconds.
  • No Man's Sky - about 30 seconds versus 1 minute 19 seconds.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 - 38 seconds versus 2 minutes 8 seconds.
  • Control - 10 seconds versus 58 seconds.
The speed of navigation in the XSX menu also did not cause any complaints - interface elements open without delay.

The next generation games will need to be run only from an SSD or a special memory card - an external hard drive can be used only for storing Games, as well as for backward compatibility games. Here's how long it takes to move the 49GB Assassin's Creed Origins between drives (in minutes and seconds):

  • External USB 3.0 SSD to Internal SSD - 2:18.
  • External USB 3.0 HDD to Internal SSD - 7:46 AM.
  • Internal SSD to external SSD - 4:33 am.
  • Internal SSD to external HDD - 10:36

IGN mentions the exact amount of free space on the SSD Series X - 802 gigabytes. The rest is occupied by system files.

Quick Resume

  • The Quick Resume function, which allows you to quickly switch between multiple Games, proved to be excellent - for example, the VentureBeat journalist took turns entering Grand Theft Auto IV , Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice , No Man's Sky and Final Fantasy XV in less than 90 seconds.
  • GameSpot was able to run six games simultaneously. After turning on the seventh Games, the first in line ( The Outer Worlds ) had to be restarted, so the game progress was partially lost.

Backward compatibility gaming performance

  • Series X not only lets you play Games from past Xbox, it also makes some of it smoother. So, GTA IV produces an average of 60 fps, while on the XOX the average frame rate is 48 fps.
  • The framerate improvement does not apply to all games - for example, No Man's Sky for Xbox One has a 30 fps cap, and it has not gone anywhere on the XSX.


  • The VentureBeat employee is very pleased with the new product - the journalist assures that he no longer wants to return to the outdated Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
  • GameSpot emphasizes that so far the media has only gained access to backward compatibility games, so it's too early to draw conclusions about the XSX. However, according to the author, improvements in the field of convenience, such as Quick Resume, will be even more important for gaming than prettier graphics.

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