In this short Marvel's Avengers article, I'll walk you through all the ways you can get credits. Since Marvel's Avengers is a service game, developers have full rights to use some premium currency. However, unlike most other games, it will not give you any advantages, but will only speed up the acquisition of certain costumes, emotions and other customization items. Even then, you have a way to get credits through in-game actions. Let's take a closer look.

What are Marvel's Avengers credits for?

There are many items sold for credits, and they all fall into the following four categories (at least at the time of this writing):

- Costumes

- Finishing Offs

- Emotions

- Name Plates

Each category has several items available, and I'm sure that Crystal Dynamics will continue to expand its range. All this requires loans. The cost of items is different. Nameplates are considered the least expensive, and most credits are spent on suits and finishing moves.

For example:

- Legendary costumes usually cost around 1400 credits.

- You will have to spend about 1200 credits on finishing moves.

- One emotion will cost you 700-1000 credits.

- And the nameplate costs only 100 credits.

You can go to the goods store for credits from the main menu of the game by selecting "Market". Over time, the assortment is updated, so if you want to get something unusual, check the products regularly.

So how do you get credits in the game?


Complete challenges

The first method of obtaining credits requires no investment and involves completing a quest in order to increase the level of the hero's challenge card. Each playable character has such a card or battle pass, so check everything through the usual in-game menu, in the test subsection.

In fact, this is a battle pass, and for each new level you will receive a certain reward. On some levels, skins and nameplates are rewarded, less often credits.

The pass consists of 40 levels for each character. And for each completed card, you can get 1300 credits. You can level up the Challenge Card by completing Daily and Weekly Challenges. They are described at the bottom of the card. For a daily challenge, you are awarded a couple of card experience points, for a weekly - up to 11, and full pumping requires 200. So make sure to complete the tasks every day to earn credits faster.

Purchase with real money

In the menu you can find sets of credits, they are sold for real money and their price is approximately equal to:

- $ 4.99 for 500 credits.

- $ 19.99 for 2000 credits.

- $ 49.99 for 5000 credits.

- $ 99.99 for 10,000 credits.

To buy Credits, press the touchpad on your PS4 controller or the Back button on your Xbox One controller. A plus sign is displayed on the right side of the screen, which you can go to. The same section is available through the main menu. Click X on PS4 or A on Xbox One to open the Credit Packs section and select the item you want to purchase. In its current form, the menu contains excessively expensive offers, so it is best, while there is an opportunity, to pump hero test cards and get credits for free. Surely in the future, Square Enix will revise its policy.

Yes, for the purchase of more expensive packages, you will receive additional credits and the average cost of one will decrease significantly, but even with 10,000 credits, you will only have enough money for a few skins.

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