While playing Mafia: Definitive Edition, a remake of the original game, you can find 20 cheap magazines at once. And for collecting all the magazines, you will receive a separate achievement. We will tell you where to look for them.

Note... You cannot forever miss the opportunity to collect this or that collectible. In game mode, open the pause menu and go to the collectibles tab to see how many items you have already collected. Among other things, you can sort each item category in chronological order. This guide will include the title from the cover of each magazine to help you navigate. If you find that you have not picked up a collectible in one of the completed missions, replay it until you receive it, and then exit to the main menu. It is not necessary to complete the task to the end.

Cheap magazines are scattered throughout the storyline. What can not be said about other collectibles, some of which are located in different parts of the world and require switching to the free play mode - "Walk". In addition, when there is a magazine nearby, you will see a corresponding book-shaped icon on the mini-radar.

Cheap magazine. Issue 14: Death Wears Red Heels

Location: Chapter 3 - Cocktail Party. Objective: pick up the Hammers. Look in the same room where you are asked to pick up Molotov cocktails from the table. Also available in Walk mode!

Cheap magazine. Issue 12: Hayseed Homicide

Location: Chapter 4 - "Dust-free Work". Task: find a way to get to the motel. Search next to Clark Motel in the southeast corner, outside, on wood planks. This will be the third place where you have to collect money.

Cheap magazine. Issue 09: Death Blows out of Candles

Location: Chapter 5 - “Fair Play. Objective: follow the guard. After you find yourself in the garage with the autodrome guard, search the small stands opposite him. It is possible that a bright red warning will appear on the screen to return to the mission goal, as you will find yourself out of range. However, you will have 10 seconds, and this time is plenty. In addition, you can pick up the magazine later, after the races in the same chapter, when there are a lot of people here.

Cheap magazine. Issue 06: Happy Murder to You!

Location: Chapter 7 - Time to get used to it. Task: find out where the gang is. When you find yourself in Biff's store in Chinatown, go to the back room, which you will somehow go through with Paulie. Look for the magazine on the couch without leaving the store.


Cheap magazine. Issue 13: Mexican Slayride

Location: Chapter 8 - Saints and Sinners. Task: send a message from Don Salieri. Inside the Corleone Hotel, on the ground floor, in the southeast corner. There will be an administrator in this room. He communicates on the phone. Deal with him by attacking stealthily.

Cheap magazine. Issue 19: The Lady's From Hades

Location: Chapter 8 - Saints and Sinners. Objective: run over the rooftops. At the very end of the rooftop section at the Corleone Hotel, after passing the cops. This subject is easy to overlook.

Cheap magazine. Issue 18: Live and Let Die

Location: Chapter 8 - Saints and Sinners. Objective: kill Johnny. Inside the Church of St. Michael, on the altar in the southeast corner (first floor).

Cheap magazine. Issue 11: Weather Fair Track Bloody

Location: Chapter 9 - Country Walk. Task: to find Sam. Inside a large barn in the northeastern part of the location. You cannot get inside until you inspect the truck and survive the enemy ambush.

Cheap magazine. Issue 20: Death Gives A Permanent Wave

Location: Chapter 10 - Omerta. Objective: Talk to Vincenzo. At the very beginning of the chapter, inspect the box next to the place where you communicate with Vinnie (go right along the van). This item can also be obtained in the "Walk" mode.

Cheap magazine. Issue 08: You're The Crime in my Coffee

Location: Chapter 11 - Visit to the moneybags. Task: find the prosecutor's safe. Inside a large mansion, on the basement floor, in the northeast room. Search on the bookcart.

Cheap magazine. Issue 04: Post-Mortem at Pimlico

Location: Chapter 12 - "Deal of the Century". Objective: talk to Sam. In the guardroom when entering or exiting the parking lot. This subject is easy to miss. Be sure to pick it up before you talk to Sam, who is sitting in the car (when you go down from the parking lot).

Cheap magazine. Issue 01: Please Pass the Poison

Location: Chapter 14 - Happy Birthday! Task: to find Sam. At the port of St. Peter. When you arrive, you will find a crowd of people. Walk to the left. See Sam ahead? Stay away from him, but instead go up the porch on the left. Find the magazine on the table.

Cheap magazine. Issue 07: You Can Die Any Day

Location: Chapter 14 - Happy Birthday! Challenge: take a good position. On board the ship, on the upper deck, which is only accessible during this mission! Do not take the position marked with a marker until you pick up the magazine at the beginning of the upper deck, near the wheelhouse.

Cheap magazine. Issue 10: A Horse of Another Killer

Location: Chapter 15 - "Lucky ..." Objective: don't let Sergio escape. Inside the restaurant where you participate in the first skirmish of the chapter.

Cheap magazine. Issue 17: Tin-Pan Alibi

Location: Chapter 16 - The Cream of Society. Challenge: Don't let Morello leave. At the airport, inside a large hangar, where the main mission marker points. Take the journal before opening the gate.

Cheap magazine. Issue 05: The Corpse That Wasn't There

Location: Chapter 17 - Re-election. Objective: follow the signs to the top of the tower. Inside the prison. When you find yourself in the prison block, go to the third floor and pull the lever located in the corner. This will open up several cameras on the right side (in the same place as the lever). In one of them, in the west, there is a collector's item.

Cheap magazine. Issue 15: Sealed with a Kris

Location: Chapter 17 - Re-election. Task: find a tower. On the top floor of the prison, in the library. Collect the item before going through the massive door to the tower !!!

Cheap magazine. Issue 16: Feather Your Coffin

Location: Chapter 18 - "Clear to Discharge". Objective: find a batch of cigars. After making your way through the courtyard of the Federal Customs Control, you will find yourself in a building with several enemies. There are offices on the top floor, and one of them contains a magazine.

Cheap magazine. Issue 02: Let The Skeletons Rattle

Location: Chapter 19 - "A small hack". Task: find a manager. Inside the bank, on the top floor, in one of the side offices. The magazine is on the table.


Cheap magazine. Issue 03: Watch Me Kill You!

Location: Chapter 20 - "Death of Art" Objective: to meet Paulie in his apartment. Inside Thomas Angelo's house at the start of the game, in the living room.

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