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 While playing Mafia: Definitive Edition, a remake of the original game, you can find 10 different comics. And for collecting all the books you will receive a separate achievement. We will tell you where to look for them.

Note... You cannot forever miss the opportunity to collect this or that collectible. In game mode, open the pause menu and go to the collectibles tab to see how many items you have already collected. Among other things, you can sort each item category in chronological order. This guide will include the title from the cover of each magazine to help you navigate. If you find that you have not picked up a collectible in one of the completed missions, replay it until you receive it, and then exit to the main menu. It is not necessary to complete the task to the end.

If there is a collectible next to you, then you will see a colored marker on the mini-radar. Four comics can be found during the story game, and six others are available in Walking Mode. The latter can be started at the end of the first chapter, from the main menu.

Note . I could not find issue # 5. If you know where he is, then please write it down in the comments below. Or I will do it, but later.

Comic. Issue 09: Sarah Holl on a Mission

Location: Chapter 8 - Saints and Sinners. Task: deliver a message from Don Salieri. At the Corleone. From the lobby, go up two floors and find room 210. The comics are in the bathroom. The apartments will be open, but they have a bully that will have to be dealt with.

Comic. Issue 01: A Trip to the Country

Location: Chapter 10 - Omerta. Objective: access the lower repositories. When you find yourself in the bank, go downstairs and look for comics next to the guard on the chair.

Comic. Issue 10: Steam Boys

Location: Chapter 15 - "Lucky ...". Challenge: Don't let Sergio leave. In the area of ​​the pier. Open the map and move to the letter O from the word HARBOR. Take a look into the train compartment.

Comic. Issue 09: Moonlighting

Location: Chapter 20 - Death of Art. Objective: meet Paulie at his apartment. In Paulie's apartment on the top floor, on a table in the hallway.

The rest of the comics need to be found in the "Walk" mode

Comic. Issue 04: Jimmy's Vendetta

Central island. In an alley east of the state prison, where you can climb over a chain-link fence. Look in the yard.

Comic. Issue 02: All Saint's Day Massacre

Little Italy / Workers' Quarter. In the section north of the Workers' Quarter and southwest of Little Italy. Climb over the fence in the parking lot to find yourself in the comic book garden.

Comic. Issue 08: The Racing Racketeer

You are interested in Chinatown. Go to the letter H from the word CHINATOWN on the map.

Comic. Issue 03: Beware Hanoi Hangman

Chinatown. Near a chair with a fisherman's hut on the coast south of the Terranova bridge.


Comic. Issue 07: An Offer You Can't Refuse

Countryside in the north of the map. In the northeast corner of Countryside, on the balcony of the Clark Motel. You can get upstairs using the logs outside the building. By the way, this item, as it turned out, could be found during a mission in which you collect money from guarded establishments.