In this guide to Marvel's Avengers, I'll focus on the location of all of the game's collectibles. They are divided into two types - actually collectible items (various tablets with information) and comics, each of which provides the hero with a certain bonus (the same comics enhance a specific bonus).

There are collectibles and comics on literally every level of Marvel's Avengers. The layout of comics and outdoor collectibles (like lying on tables or pieces of furniture) is the same for each player. And such items are listed below. However, each location has items hidden inside loot chests. And their location will be completely random! So make sure to open every chest you see. For quite understandable reasons, I will not talk about such subjects.

Collectibles and comics in the mission "I want to be an Avenger!"

You will collect several comics about the Avengers literally at the very beginning of the game. They must be found to enter the VIP box, so these items cannot be missed.

When you pass under the A-Day sign, Abu will go in search of ice cream, between the Black Widow stands and the Hulk arcade machine. Look for the collectible on the table next to the ice cream vendor. Moving around the location in search of comics, you will find yourself in a small museum of Captain America. When entering through the door, look for an item on the right side.

Collectibles and comics in the mission "New Order"

Black Widow Comic. Moving from Kamala's house to her secret hideout, you will go down the zipline and cross several rooftops. Soon you will reach the second zipline next to the holographic billboard. Go down on it to the very end and jump to the next roof. On the box on the right will be the comic you want.

Miss Marvel Comic. Continue until you are near Kamala's hideout in the water tower. Climb inside and look for the comic on the table to the left.

Push the cart and go up to the second floor of Kamala's hideout. There is a collectible on the table on the left. Go to the right of the place where you went upstairs and look for another collectible on the box next to the beanbag chair and the statue of Thor.

After you figure out everything in Kamala's shelter, you will again move along the roofs of the city. As you slide down the ledge and make your way past the AIM robots, you'll swing on the bar to climb onto the roof. Continuing forward, take a look at the passage on the left to reach the next building. Go back a little and look for the collectible on the crate around the corner.

Continue towards the park. Look left again to find another roof that you can jump onto. She is the last one in the whole block on the way to Heroes Park. Look for the collectible on the pallet stack in the middle of the roof.

Finally, after passing through the park and leaving it, you will find yourself in the sewers. Continue avoiding the AIM robots to reach the stairs leading out of the tunnel. This is the only staircase in this area. Walk past her to the end of the tunnel to find another collectible near the wall.

Collectibles and comics in the mission "Back Road"

Continue forward through the canyon until you reach a bunker that stands out against the mountains. There is a cabinet inside to the right, and inside is a collectible. Leave the bunker and go behind the wall on the right (if you look at the entrance to the bunker, then on the left). Along it there is a metal box with another collectible.

A little later you will find the Chimera. Then Kamala will be inside her. As soon as you get into the "Chimera", then pay attention to the chest standing in front. Open it to get a comic (every time I replayed a task, I found a comic in this particular chest). And before moving on, follow to the end of the hall, past the chest, to find another collectible.

When you get to the Chimaera bridge, follow to the very edge, past the map and sleeping places, to find a collectible near the windows. Still on the same bridge, continue to circle around the area that resembles a horseshoe. Climb the scaffolding in the back to pick up an item.

After meeting with the Hulk, Kamala will be on the lower tiers of the Chimera. When you make your way through the first door and get a tooltip about crumbling walls, you will find yourself in the corner. Climb the stairs to collect the collectible.

From the entrance, head towards the left wall of the hangar. The item is on the toolbox next to another quinjet.

Collectibles and comics in the mission "Find Olympia"

In this quest, collectibles can only be found after you regain control of Kamala. And even after that, there are all two items.

After you restore power in the first room and have a few fights, you will find yourself in a pantry filled with Avengers memorabilia. Go to the far left wall to find a comic book lying next to a strange computer.

After completing the mission, you will find yourself on the Chimera. Exit Kamala's room to meet Bruce. Go down the stairs in front and turn right to find Banner's room. On the table inside it is a Hulk comic strip.

Collectibles and comics in the mission "Social Visit"

Once you control Tony, enter the mansion to see a painting in front of you. There will be a collectible in front of her. In the next room, right after you find the AIM robots, look for the comic book lying opposite the door.

Collectibles and Comics in Challenge Accepted

From the command deck, proceed to the crew quarters. On the second floor, there is Tony Stark's room, on the starboard side (to the left, when looking at the stern). The comic will be on a box near the bathroom.

Collectibles and comics in the mission "One warrior in the field"

As Kamala heads through the badlands to the prison, you will jump and sway as you try to make your way over a long canyon. You will need to turn 90 degrees to the left along the canyon and then go into the tunnel. Going a little further through the tunnel, look for the collectible on the box on the right.

A little later, control will pass to the Black Widow. When you get to the Adaptoid container, then climb the stairs to the large reactor. This collectible is found by the computers on the right.

After going a little further through the prison, you will find yourself in a long corridor bathed in red light. At the far end will be the AIM logo. On the tables to the left, you can find another comic. And the collection is on the table under the AIM sign at the end of the hall.

The next room contains several computer terminals and a large hologram of an adaptoid. Look for a collectible near the computer located near the entry point.

After grueling battles with robots, you will head to the Inhumans' imprisonment cells, where a long sequence of crossbars and jumps awaits you. When you get to the end, then on your left hand you will find a path with a door that opens when you pass through it. Go through it to pick up the collectible.

After the mission, when Natasha returns to the Chimera, go up to the second floor of the crew quarters. Look for the collectible on the box next to Kamala and Captain America's rooms. Return to the shop where faction trader Roy now works. There will be another collectible on the crates to the left of his counter. Go to the Science Lab on the lower floor, keep to the right wall and look for the table with the latest collectible.

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