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 In this guide, you will find dozens of Marvel's Avengers walkthrough tips, divided into three main categories:

- Battles

- Equipment

- Exploration

Combat tips and tricks

- Fix on enemy targets. Click on R3 or RS to lock the target. Ultimately, the game will point you to such a feature, but it will happen later than it could.

- Scan the area. Use the special Avengers scanner to identify destructible objects and interact with them. Use exploding containers to kill enemies faster and act strategically.

- Restore health. When you stun an enemy with your heroic ability, you can press the triangle and circle for PS4 at the same time to strike a powerful blow (you will probably finish off light enemies, and deal more damage to stronger ones). This technique not only causes great damage, but also restores willpower (health). Also destroy small containers with a "cross", inside which are hidden first aid kits.

- Strive for 5 stars. Each objective is rated on a 5-star scale - from one to five. Every time the hero falls down, you lose one star. To revive a defeated hero, you just need to stand in the area allocated around him. He will get to his feet after 6-7 seconds.

- First, destroy the turrets. These are incredibly deadly weapons, especially if you ignore them for a long time. On the other hand, the turret is almost always much easier to destroy than any mobile enemy.


- Watch out for the creepy bots. These stationary structures attack from all four directions, releasing flames from various openings. Before a flame appears, the ventilation grill will glow red hot. If you see such a glow, then run to the side or stand at a distance from the robot. To make the fight against the Dreadbot easier, shoot at its weapons.

- Kill the teleporters. Adaptoids and several other enemies (in purple suits) are able to teleport from place to place, so they are quite difficult to catch and destroy. Instead of rushing to their positions every time you teleport, try standing in the distance and throwing something at them to stun them. Or shoot them. While they are stunned, kill in a more familiar way.

- Learn to dodge effectively. If you calculate the dodge time correctly, completing it at the last second, the game will slow down the flow of time by 1-2 seconds. And you can take advantage of this to effectively counterattack your target. Pay attention to the circular animation that appears in melee and indicates an impending attack by the enemy.

- Hone your parries. Dodge is a great option for red, unblockable attacks. But if enemies have surrounded you, then dodging can only exacerbate the situation. Therefore, instead of him for "blue" and "yellow" attacks, it is more effective to use parry (R2 button).

- Beware of ranged attacks. Watch out for exclamation mark and missile markers that periodically appear on the screen, alerting you to potential danger. Missiles can often be parried by pressing R2 right before they hit the hero, and the markers you see on the screen will help you get the timing right.

- Use finishing moves. Perform several combos to fill the counter under the enemy's health bar. After that, the game will allow you to perform finishing moves, dealing serious damage. An ordinary enemy will surely fall down after this, and you will take away a decent reserve of will from a stronger one.

- Complete the HARM room challenges. This is about practice and learning. Use the HURT room challenges on the Chimera to hone your skills and learn about new abilities and techniques. For every superhero available! Mostly we are talking about arena battle simulators that are based on enemy waves. And the game will not penalize you for failures (although if you lose, you will have to start from the first wave).

- Choose the hero that suits you. If you are having difficulty completing the task, try to complete it with another hero. Sometimes difficulties can arise from trying to play the Hulk in a confined space, where someone like Black Widow can be more effective, or vice versa.

- Use all the strengths of the hero. In the role of the Hulk in some missions, you will often have to fight the High Shintoid Adepts. They are purple and turquoise robots that use an electric club and can quickly interrupt the Hulk's long combos. I found that a quick way to get rid of such robots is to use his heroic ability assigned to the R1 button.


- Save heroic abilities for more powerful enemies. Characters such as Hulk, Thor and Ms. Marvel can use additional modes using the R2 key. For example, Ms. Marvel is getting bigger, while Hulk and Thor are getting fiercer. Make sure to press R2 just before hitting the enemy. This is especially important in the case of heavy attacks, as otherwise you will spend a lot of energy on their long animations.

- Use AI companions. When you need to kill an important target, focus on it. Most likely, there will be many ordinary robots around, but the rest of the AI ​​companions will probably take care of them.

Remember that AI has its limits. Your computer-controlled companions cannot do all the work for you. For example, they are unlikely to be able to quickly break the shields on the enemy, so plan your actions in such a way as to personally deal with armored targets (blue bar).

- Focus on the objective of the assignment. No one forces you to go through the locations cleanly every time, killing literally all opponents in the area of ​​the mission. Whether you need to interact with a computer or destroy a server, pick up the moment and achieve your goal. And only after that, perhaps, the enemies will stop constantly appearing, and you will be able to finish off the rest and continue the task.

- Adjust the difficulty (if necessary). You can always go back to the headquarters and simply lower the difficulty level. There are no penalties for this, but remember a simple rule: the lower the difficulty, the easier the extraction.

Equipment Tips & Tricks

- Improve your favorite things. If you got the equipment you like, you shouldn't give it up in favor of something better in terms of parameters. You can increase the power of an item by spending certain resources. Go to the menu, select an item and hold X to upgrade it.

- Discard items you don't want to use. If you do not need some items of equipment due to their low level, lack of unique perks, and so on, be sure to disassemble them by selecting the desired item and holding the "triangle". Remember that you have limited inventory space. And the lockers on the Chimaera are not rubber!

- Look for perks. Only rare, epic and legendary gear grants you perks. Usually this is only one perk, but by spending resources on improving things, you can unlock a second bonus.

- If you are in doubt or do not want to bother using the automatic distribution of equipment. This is true in cases where the inventory is filled to capacity with items of approximately equal power. And you just want to equip the best gear. In this case, hold down the L2 button.

- Watch out for quest modifiers. When hovering over a mission in the headquarters, press R2 to see the modifiers. Use equipment for your character based on the specified modifiers. For example, if a blizzard or blizzard is listed among the modifiers, this means that enemies are most likely to use cryo weapons and you will receive the same damage when interacting with environmental objects. This means that you need to pick up equipment that neutralizes cryo damage. In this case, opponents will not be able to freeze you.

- Receive rewards from factions. Return to the Anthill and Chimera from time to time, where you will interact with non-playable factional characters (usually merchants). Take their assignments (there are no restrictions on the number of current assignments or the time to complete them), complete tasks, automatically completing some of them, and then pick up rewards.


World Exploration Tips & Tricks

- Listen to Jarvis during any mission, and he will speak when there is a chest nearby, a special goal, and so on.

- Beware of rusty metal. If you see metal parts with a neon yellow glow, it means that they are rusted, and this happened for the reason that toxic gas, terraginum, oozes through them. If you stand on top or under such metal, you will get damaged.

- Look for metal walls. The game will point out to you that the Hulk can cling to any scratched wall, but in fact he does it with any metal surface, so look for them to understand where to go next.

- Solve hexagon puzzles. If there's a side item behind a door that you can't open, look around and find rectangular devices with hexagonal panels on the front. There will likely be two to four yellow lights on the door. Each light bulb corresponds to one hexagon. Hit each one quickly to activate all the lights and then head inside.

- Go through the locked doors. If you are outside and trying to find a way to open the door that leads to the room with the chest, look around for tall towers that look like cell towers. They have yellow circles on them. Throw something at them to turn green.

- Flying characters are the key to success. In terms of passing the game, Iron Man and Thor are the best. They can fly almost anywhere, which means it will be easier for you to get to the prey.

- Save resources. The resources that you receive during the assignment remain with you on a permanent basis. This means that even if you leave the mission, they will remain in your inventory and you can spend them.

- Search the chest in the war zones. Each time you enter such a territory, new chests appear. Therefore, be sure to search them to get resources and equipment.

- Replay side missions. Their main goals remain unchanged, however, new chests with random loot and resources appear on locations at different points of the level. Sometimes there are even different puzzles!

- Look for secret missions. The game has many secret missions. Look for vault keys hidden in secret bunkers in different parts of the battle zones to access them and collect the best trophies.