TEKKEN 7 - New character and 6 million copies sold

 The director of the TEKKEN series, Katsuhiro Harada, has announced that the most popular 3D fighting game TEKKEN 7 has reached a new peak in sales - 6 million copies, and in total for all games in the series - 50 million. It also became known that the new character will be Kunimitsu.

In addition, all characters will receive new techniques and network play will be improved.

As the fans expected , the new character this fall will be Kunimitsu, the ninja girl from TEKKEN 2. The update will also be replenished with a new level "The Gate of Vermillion" The character, as usual, will be paid, and the rest of the content is available to everyone: a new rank "Tekken God Omega" as well as the Tekken Prowess parameter, a new way to measure your prowess through points.

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