On the way to re-release, Crysis has lost some of the effects, features and even levels that were in the original PC version. As a result, Crysis Remastered was considered by many to be a disappointment. But Crytek says it will fix the game based on community feedback.

The first major patch for Remastered on PC is out now . Among its main features:

  • The ability to bend over to peek around the corner (this was in the original Crysis , but was not in the re-release before the patch).
  • Added more trees in the Sphere and Harbor levels.
  • Added more keys for weapon control.
  • Added a button for a quick grenade throw.
  • Added a layout for controllers with classic nanosuit control.
  • Added hotkeys for selecting abilities in classic nanosuit control.
  • Improved Helena's model in the Reckoning chapter.
  • Added a warning about a significant drop in performance when the player tries to select the "Will Crysis pull?"
  • Fixed some bugs related to ray tracing.
  • Fixed about 30 bugs.

You can learn about the sins of Crysis Remastered on PC from the Digital Foundry analysis. Specialists note the following problems of the reissue:

  • The game still does not work well with multithreading of the central processor - better than the original, but the calculations still happen mostly on one thread. Because of this, performance suffers.
  • Some lighting effects are missing, for example "divine" rays in some scenes.
  • The lighting in the reissue is set up strangely, which sometimes makes the cut-scenes look worse than the original.
  • No volumetric clouds.
  • Foliage animation is limited to 30 frames per second.
  • Cut out Ascension level with VTOL flight. Although this is perhaps more of a game design decision: Crytek said it considers this level to be unfortunate, so it removed it from Crysis for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
  • Since the remaster is based on the Xbox 360 version, the destructibility detail is slightly worse than in the original: for example, fences break into larger pieces. 
However, Digital Foundry is flattering about the new SVOGI lighting - they say, when it works, it works really well. Crytek's unique ray tracing also makes the picture more beautiful, although "microfreezes" appear with it.

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