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The second part of changes for Zaku-Warframe

 The massive Heart of Deimos expansion for the multiplayer shooter Warframe allowed players to travel to a satellite of Mars and get a new frame for Zaku. The developers are closely monitoring community feedback and have already prepared the second part of the changes to the abilities of this frame. 

First of all, it is worth noting the effect of the status of the abyss. It will now redirect all projectiles to the part of the body where it triggered. Re-using the Grasp of Lohk ability will increase the number of stolen weapons to the maximum value, instead of updating the existing one. Also, the target of "borrowed" equipment will no longer be invulnerable opponents. And the new interface icon will allow you to track how many weapons were stolen. 

For The Lost: Accuse, the developers will also add reusability and a corresponding indicator. The base range of The Lost: Gaze will be increased from 8 to 12 meters, and The Lost: Deny from 25 to 40. In addition, Deny can be used while running. 

These changes should appear on PC with the next update. Console players will have to wait a bit.