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Amnesia: Rebirth - New details of the upcoming horror

On the PlayStation blog, the developers from the Frictional Games studio have shared new details of the horror game Amnesia: Rebirth , which is scheduled for release on October 20 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

According to the creators, Amnesia: Rebirth will be a new kind of horror. The new installment will combine the best features of previous Frictional Games games, including Penumbra and SOMA. The developers took inspiration from Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker and Howard Lovecraft.

Also, the creators noted the improved system of reason. In addition to the technical improvement of the mechanics, the mind will affect the infection of the main character with a mysterious disease, which will also affect the further narrative. The more Tasi fears, the worse the symptoms of the disease will be.

As it turned out empirically, replaying the same moment in the event of the death of a character removes the feeling of fear, which was clearly demonstrated in Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Now, in the event of death, the player will be teleported to earlier locations, and the further path and puzzles will be modified. As a result, the player will not be able to memorize the sequence of caves, monsters and puzzles. This will also be reflected in the aforementioned disease system. The more the player dies, the more this is reflected in the progression of the disease.