Anthem - Developers showed a new game interface

Anthem - Developers showed a new game interface

BioWare is continuing to work on the Anthem relaunch and today revealed reworked character and ability systems. The original Anthem has too few opportunities to simply improve its high-tech suit, and this is going to be fixed in version 2.0. Weapons have been split into primary and secondary weapons, and new mod systems and artifact slots have been added to replace the current component system.

Abilities will become permanent skills that can be turned on / off instead of finding them in the loot, which will allow you to even better customize the character for yourself.

Each javelin will be pumped through the tree of abilities, which gives additional passive and active skills. Each javelin class will have their own unique artifacts that will be unique to them. "For example, your Ranger rocket launcher will be modded into the Skyfell Launcher Artifact, a pair of back-attached items that can transform into a powerful rocket system. when installing different parts Equipped parts will also make changes to the passive skill that is generated by the artifact.

The developers also provided two GIFs, but they cannot be added to the news, so I ask those interested to look at the BioWare blog.

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