Apex Legends - Ascension Season 7 Trailer

Apex new heroine Horizan

Yesterday the developers of Apex Legends showed us a touching story of a new heroine, and today we will find out that in the game she will be called Horizon, as well as get a first look at her abilities and a new map. All this will be waiting for us on November 4th in the 7th season of Apex Legends, which is called "Ascension". You can check out the cinematic trailer for the upcoming season below.

Apparently, Horizon will be able to throw gravity grenades, which were in Titanfall 2, but in the form of shurikens (Gravi-stars). They attract enemies and any bullets / other means of murder. Another ability, apparently, will be a kind of throwing device, which also constrains the movement of the enemy. It is likely that Wraith will be able to escape from both Horizon's abilities.

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