Apex Legends - Touching New Tales From The Outer Lands Episode

Developers Apex Legends released on the official YouTube-channel game a new episode of "Tales from Outer Lands", which tells the touching story about "Promise." You can watch the video below.

Almost a century ago, Dr. Mary Somers was asked for help in resolving a catastrophic energy crisis. The search for a clue took her to the edge of the universe. Before leaving Olympus, Mary promised her son that she would return home. But did she manage to keep her promise?

There was no information about the UFO (which I wrote about yesterday ) in the video, but we were introduced to Mary Somers, who is likely to become another legend in Apex Legends in the upcoming season 7, which is scheduled to start on November 4. At the same time, the game will be released on Steam, where players can also receive 3 unique keychains in the style of Half-Life and Portal for entering the game. 

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