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In Baldur's Gate 3 Early Access, you can easily turn into a punching bag, especially if you are not familiar with the games of this genre. You will often receive damage, which is largely due to the lack of a function for selecting the difficulty level (you play on the "classic"). Let's understand all the ways to heal characters.

How easy it will be to restore health points depends on the items and skills available to the hero and his companions, as well as his fatigue (how long he and his companions were on vacation in the camp). However, the healing process is not as trivial as in other games, where it is enough to prepare a potion or spell. BG3 has several unique healing options that are important to use first (for example, potions should be set aside for more difficult moments).

How Healing Works

In traditional RPGs, activating a spell or using a potion will restore a specific amount of HP. In Baldur's Gate 3, the amount of health you can recover is not fixed, but tied to die rolls. That is, you will receive a random HP increase every time. And if you are not familiar with the rules of D&D, then this moment can be confusing.

As an example, consider how health potions work. The use of the potion restores HP according to a certain formula. The description of the potion says it restores 2d4 +2 HP. In the language of Dungeons & Dragons, the game rolls the dice twice, and it has four sides. Then 2 is added to the total of these rolls. For example, using potions, you can get a minimum result of 1 + 1 + 2 or a maximum result of 4 + 4 + 2. Or any intermediate value. There are other methods of healing, but most of them work according to this principle.


Standard healing potions are scattered around the world, and restore 2d4 + 2 HP, as explained above. Potions can be used even outside of combat. In battle, activating them consumes a bonus action. There are not many potions in Early Access, so use them sparingly. It is often best to rely on other, replenishing resources, such as spells or rest. Leave a limited number of potions for difficult battles.

Spell "Healing Word".


As a cleric, Shadowhart will learn several healing spells as he levels up. One of the first is Heal Wounds, which restores 1d8 + 3 HP. This is one of her most powerful spells, however, the girl must be close to the target to use it.

Another spell is Healing Word, which is less useful in terms of health points. But you can use it in the event that Shadowwhart just sees his goal. Efficiency is measured by the formula 1d4 + 3 HP. As you level up, these spells will receive improved versions, such as an additional die roll. And if you find scrolls with "Healing Wounds" or "Healing Word", you can use them literally by any character.

Bonus actions

Some characters, such as Laezel, gain bonus actions that allow them to regenerate their own HP. As a bonus action, warriors have the Second Wind skill, which restores 1d10 + 4 HP for a short rest.

Short / long rest

Bonus actions such as Second Wind and spells cannot be used indefinitely. Since Baldur's Gate 3 has no mana to limit spells, your characters must rest to re-use bonus actions or refill a spell slot.

Short Rest

A short rest can be used at any time while you are out of combat. Click on the rest button next to the mini-map. Everything happens instantly, and your squad receives several bonuses at once:

- Restoration of part of the HP

- Restoration of purple spell slots

- Restoration of superiority dice (needed for some stronger techniques)

- Restoration of any bonus action that requires a short rest

Baldur's Gate 3 does not explain how much HP is restored after a short rest, but based on D&D rules in the fifth edition, the game is likely to roll dice based on character level and add that result to the character's constitution modifier. In any case, do not expect a complete healing. You can use a short rest once during a long period of play.

Long rest

Prolonged rest will restore full HP and any other renewable resources expended during the game, including spell slots, bonus actions, superiority dice, and so on. To take a long rest, return to camp and end the day. In the camp, click on the sleeping bag by the fire. If you are resting outside the camp, then some interesting event may occur, or you will have a dream.


Any food that consumes a bonus action also restores some HP. This applies to absolutely everything - from pears and apples to mushrooms and raw meat.