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Baldur's Gate III - Early Access Crossplay, Races and Classes and Photorealistic Character Editor

In just a few days, RPG fans will be able to immerse themselves in the world of  Baldur's Gate III  from Larian Studios. It's time to clarify some subtleties.

On the official forum, information has appeared about the transfer of saves and co-operation on various platforms, including those that may appear in the future. Such functionality will be provided by a Larian account, it will also be required for the cooperative, which will be added later.

The developers also told about one of the most important elements of any RPG - character creation. In stock:

  • Choice of race (humans, githyanki, elves, drow, half-elves, dwarves, halflings and tieflings) and subraces;
  • Origin;
  • Class (cleric, warrior, ranger, rogue, warlock and wizard), sometimes also subclass and deity;
  • Distribution of points between strength, agility, physique, intelligence, wisdom and charisma;
  • The choice of skills (acrobatics, deception, stealth, etc.).
The editor can boast of photorealism due to the use of 3D scans of actors and models, an assortment of 150 heads is already available at the start. NPCs will react to representatives of rare races like the Githiyanka. You can customize pretty much everything from hair color to voice.

Baldur's Gate III will go to Early Access on PC (Steam, GOG) and Google Stadia on October 6.