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Field of view (or FOV, field of view) is a setting that changes the angle of view in first person games. Mostly it is introduced only on the PC, but Black Ops Cold War will break the tradition and offer to adjust the FOV on consoles.

The field of view adjustment has already appeared, for example in the console versions of Apex Legends and Battlefield , but this is new for the Call of Duty series . Adjusting Cold War FOV across all platforms is another step towards quality cross-play and device pairing , Treyarch says .

It is believed that previously the FOV slider did not appear on consoles, as it can ruin performance: if you twist the corner, more graphics are captured in the frame, which means that the system has to do more calculations. Apparently, In the console Cold War will leave a warning that changing the FOV can lead to a deterioration in the performance of the game.

The FOV setting will be available in the Cold War open beta .

In the open beta, they also add the following :

  • Cartel map for 6v6 and 12v12 matches, including Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, Domination, Combined Arms: Domination and other additions that will be introduced during the beta.
  • VIP Escort mode for 6v6 battles. The first side must deliver the VIP to one of the two evacuation points, and the second must prevent the first. There are no respawns in VIP Escort, but there are resurrections - the comrades must be in time for you before you bleed out. Killstreaks are disabled, and VIP is randomly selected each round. He is given a pistol, two smoke grenades, two frag grenades, a field microphone and a call for a spy plane. The rest of the participants appear with their usual layout.
  • Combined Arms: Assault mode for 12v12 battles. A variation of Combined Arms, where players are released into large spaces with vehicles. The main task is to capture five zones. The next enemy zone opens when the previous one is conquered.
  • Fireteam Mode: Dirty Bomb for 40 people, divided into 10 teams. The task is to collect uranium, plant bombs and detonate them. Each explosion leads to a decrease in the available play area. The longer you carry the uranium with you, the stronger the radiation sickness - it affects perks, movement, health regeneration, and eventually kills you. After dying, you can respawn near a friend (if he is not in combat), parachute, or appear in a friendly vehicle.
  • Label system for all multiplayer modes. You can mark tasks, loot, locations, opponents, or kill streaks like a spy plane.
  • Interface settings. You can individually disable the compass, allied and enemy health bars, hit marks, player names, and button hints.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War beta testing with all of the above content begins on PlayStation 4 today, October 8th. On other platforms - October 15th. First, pre-customers will be allowed into beta, and then everyone else.