Dave Batista talks about working on Gears 5

Recently, The Coalition and Xbox Game Studios talked about the update of the Gears 5 shooter  , timed to coincide with the  launch of the XSX console. And it's not just about improved graphics and performance.

Players will enjoy the "New Game +" mode and the "Iron Man" and "Unthinkable" difficulty levels. The main innovation is the ability to replace Marcus Phoenix with Dave Batista in the story campaign, including the look and voice acting. The actor is a longtime fan of the series and has long been begging for the lead role in the film adaptation. The developers have published a short trailer in which Batista shared his impressions.

A little later, in December, the Hivebusters story addition, dedicated to the penetration into the bowels of one of the hives, will be released.

Gears 5 launches on Xbox Series X / S on November 10, and Hivebusters on all platforms in December. 

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