Diretide is back in Dota 2! With new graphics and classic gameplay

Diretide is back in Dota 2! With new graphics and classic gameplay

Most likely, even players who have forgotten about Dota 2 for a long time will start up when they hear about the return of the famous mode. Diretide became famous for its massive online protests after the cancellation of the holiday event in 2013.

Recently, the online famous MOBA has been falling, doters are leaving for much more popular games, and the main event of the year did not take place, leaving the question of the gigantic money thrown by the community into the next battle pass. It's time to roll out the heavy artillery!

The Dark Rise Seasonal Mode is back! Again, players are offered to collect candy and feed the terrifying Roshan. For completing the event, you can get a seasonal chest, which contains cosmetic items for the heroes.

The mode combines new mechanics (including complex bonuses and rewards) with the classic mechanics of the events of eight years ago, only this time on a special separate map: the player is fought against each other, against monsters and is fiercely shocked from Roshan the sweet tooth.

Together with the new mode, new graphics (and bugs) came to the game - now the map looks comic as a result of a bucket with village shading overturned by Gabin.

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