In the add-on, all the abilities of the Executioner are unlocked, and almost all weapons are available (with the exception of, for example, the Crucible) with various modifications. But don't be too happy: the most severe test awaits you, especially if you decide to play on the normal or higher difficulty level.

Complex "UAC Atlantic"

After entering, kill the enemies, go to the rooms below and take the blue key card. Having done this, go upstairs and use the blue key-card to unlock the doors of the upper rooms. One of the rooms has steps leading down. There you will find the first secret - the Codex page. Go back up and activate the control panel to go outside and jump to the other side.

Deal with the first turret. Shoot at the eye that appears from above, while remembering that near the turret will not activate and it will not work to destroy it. After the battle, go to the room with the red key card. Jump to the ventilation and break it where the green crack is. Follow through the ventilation, jump a little lower and jump up at one end to find the second secret - an extra life.

Take the red key card, move back, killing enemies. The marauder will appear. You need to shoot at him at the moment when he swings at you. Ride the elevator up, finish off the opponents and go down a little lower to find the altar of a secret skirmish. Shoot at enemies with plasma weapons. Climb back (you can just jump into the abyss), shoot at the green target on the left and jump forward while there is no wind. After killing everyone, take away the third secret on the left - the Codex page.

Hit the green button and take a running jump to the yellow pipe. Fly from it to the container. When he moves, jump to the wall and along the way shoot at the green target. Finish off the enemies and kill the archmage on the right, preventing him from summoning empowered demons. There is a green target where the archmage was. Just look back and see her. Shoot her and fly to the other side with the help of a stream of air.


Go down the stairs, go to the door and jump onto the ledge with the fence on the right. Hidden around the corner is the fourth secret - the Codex Page. Climb the stairs back and look at the pipe. Jump to her and fly to the wall. After grabbing, jump back onto the same pipe to fly even higher to another wall and be on top. Finish off all enemies, kill the Doom Hunter (shoot with plasma weapons first), and then enter the building. Don't rush up the stairs. Instead, go through it to find the fifth secret - the Codex Page.

Go upstairs, finish off all enemies, including the marauder, and take the Seraphim's key. After the video, take the only route. To get the first rune of support, you need to open the Executioner's Gate located behind the laser grid. Get over it. On the right is the Gate, but you need a key first. Go even further through the grid and kill the enemies. There will be cargo boxes on the extreme balcony. Climb onto them and jump down into the abyss to the yellow pipes. From the second pipe, fly to the right, towards the crack in the wall (ignoring the turret). This path leads to the ventilation with the key to the Executioner's Gate. It remains to open the Gate, kill all the demons and choose one of the three runes. There is an Executioner's Gate at each level, so sooner or later you will receive all the support runes. But only one can be active.

To find the altar of a secret skirmish, go to the hall with water. Kill the enemies and climb the steps to the door leading to the corridor. Opposite her there is a control room with a diving suit. Take it and click on the green button on the remote control on the left. You will open tanks underwater. Swim there and break the wall (Shift) in the left tank. This is the sixth secret that leads to the altar.

In a spacious room with enemies and electricity on the floor, look for a diving suit. Jump into the water and swim to the bottom to break the wall and find the seventh secret. Move on, overcome the flooded area after activating the remote control. At the end of the corridor, dive under the water and swim to a new place to climb. But take your time. There are two extra lives outside the door. This is a secret, and to get to them, you will have to go back under the water and swim to the same hatch at the end of the corridor with additional lives. It's pretty simple! Take part in the last battle, after which the mission will be completed.

Bloody swamps

Deal with the enemies while avoiding the orange plants as they will explode as the Executioner approaches. Plants also self-regenerate, so be careful. After a long battle, climb the ledge with two holes, from which fiery streams come out. Go down the other side and find a crack in the wall. This is the secret that leads to the rune of support.

Go back and use the pipe to jump further. Take the isolation suit and swim under the poisonous water. Once in the water, look back to find the Codex page. On the other side there will be a level card. After defeating the enemies from above, where there will be a huge demon, look to the left for a cracked wall with extra life. Climb higher, jump onto the pipe and walls, and then interact with the altar. Go back and go through the opened door. You will see the control panel, but it is surrounded by an energy barrier. You need to pass two tests, which lead to the doors on the left and right.


Go through the door on the right. When you meet the first spirit, be careful. First, you need to kill the enemy with a blue aura so that the spirit remains without a shell, and then, before the spirit possesses someone else, attack it from a plasma weapon with a modification that allows you to shoot an electric beam. The F key switches modifications, and RMB and LMB are used for shooting (they must be held simultaneously).

Follow the green ghost of the dog, avoiding the poisoned fog. Fight multiple times. Along the way, you can climb the ledges where there is a Codex page (visible on the map). At the very end, the dog will disappear, but the poisonous fog will also disappear. Don't rush to open the big door. Walk to the left of the skull control and climb up to the platform with the explosive plant. Jump onto the pipe on the right to get to the Guardian's armor this way. From the same platform, jump onto the pipe ahead to reach the wall and the secret. Jump down through the hole in the ground at the end of the corridor, push the cube, go down with the trail and jump to the right, to the wall. This path leads to the altar of a secret skirmish.

Open that very door, hit the button and climb up the walls and pipes until you are swallowed up by fog. Everything is simple here, but this is not a test yet. In the end, you will reach the arena where you have to fight with many enemies. This is the test. After the victory, take the part of the shield. If the fight continues, look around and find some large demons that are stuck in textures or just stand still.

You will automatically return to the central part of the location and can walk to the left. When you face many enemies and find out that there is a totem of cruelty nearby, look for ledges on the side. Climb up them to find a totem inside the flask. Kill the Empowered Marauder to raise the flask and then destroy the totem. Finish off the spirit and other enemies. Climb up the ledges in the fortress, where the totem was, and activate the altar with the skull.

Having done this, return to the ledges along which you moved to the fortress, and hit the cube from the side of the green symbol. With its help, jump over the wall, kill enemies. There is water on the right hand. Jump under the water there and destroy the wall to take an extra life. When you kill everyone, jump onto the ledge with two rotating streams of fire. The wall on the left has a green crack. Attack her, and then hit the cube inside the wall on another ledge (before the destruction of the first wall, it glowed red).

Follow higher and higher, deal with the opponents hiding in the fog, go to the far corner and hit the green symbol. Use the pipe in front, navigate the other rungs and pass the altar of the secret skirmish. Use the altar with the skull and jump up on the trampoline.


After defeating several enemies and a huge demon, head back to the secret on the map. dive into the water and smash the wall to get to the Codex page and the BFG ammo. Go ahead, interact with the skull to open a large door. On the side of the skull there is a path leading backwards. Use it to find a cube behind a crack in the wall. Hit him and go to the altar of the secret skirmish.

Go through the door, hit the button and go upstairs until the Executioner is mired in a poisonous fog. At the very top, there is a door on your left that you can break. This is the secret with BFG ammunition. Collect another page of the Codex using the pillar, then enter the arena and defeat the enemies to collect the shield.

At the end of the level, you need to shoot at the eye inside the cube. When the cube falls, hit it in the direction of the energy barrier. Do also with the second cube, and then - with two at once.


Kill several enemies, including the Bloody Creator. You need to aim at his head, but only in those moments when the shield falls from him. As long as it is golden, it is useless to shoot at it. After the victory, climb onto the ledge and jump onto the pipe, and from it - onto the golden wall. Win a new battle, hit the tree to make it fall down. In front of the tree, there is a passage to the left leading to a wall with a crack and extra life. Climb the tree, jump onto the ledge on the left and head back. There is a passage on the right that leads to extra lives, and the way back leads to a platform that you can jump onto and pick up the Executioner's Gate Key.

Move on and open the Executioner's Gate itself. And a little further than them there is a level map. On the way to the Executioner's Gate, there will be a corridor with a crack in the wall, behind which is an altar of a secret skirmish. Hit another tree and go to the other side. Finish off the enemies, climb higher and higher along the ledges where the turret was, and find a new tree. Knock him down, go over and hit him from the side. You can then jump down from the tree to find the Codex Page. And then follow it further.

Jump down from the ledge at the end of the tree. Next, jump onto the moving green platforms. At the very bottom, on the left wall, there is a crack. It leads to a secret with two extra lives. Climb even higher by jumping over green platforms and clinging to walls. Once at the location with the platforms, find the green symbol and hit it. Kill flying opponents. Find another symbol and hit it. Kill opponents from below. Hit the green symbol again. Jump on platforms that are now placed at different heights. On the right, there is a crack in the wall leading to a secret with projectiles for the BFG.

To the right of the remote that activates the energy ring is a platform with a Codex page. Fly to the fortress in front and go inside through any door. To open a secret skirmish, shoot the green button on the ceiling above the remote, which activates the springboard outside. Go through the skirmish, go outside by activating the remote control, and jump using the springboard up. Grasp the wall in the sarcophagus and fly to the pipe ahead. Follow the bridge to the right and search the room to activate the remote control and take the Codex page.

Move further through other doors. The path on the right leads to the desired ledge, although you can jump to it by following the path on the left. Hit the green symbol, quickly jump onto the springboard and shoot at the green target in flight to make the pipe appear. Fly forward. Turn around and see another green target that opens the door behind to the Codex page. It remains to pick up another page of the Codex and enter the room with the final boss.

Seraphim Salim

The battle will be long. First you need to shoot Salim in the head using a ballista or other powerful weapon. For example, a sniper rifle. Then Salim will hide under the shield and you will need to kill two spirits. Common enemies will spawn indefinitely, so focus on the spirits. Having done this, dodge traps and kill common opponents. Then shoot Salim in the head while dodging the Bloody Creators. At the end of the battle, you will have to destroy two more spirits. Use your chainsaw to kill common demons to replenish your plasma weapons. Then watch the final video.

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