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Dota 2 decided to copy the CS: GO feature

Dota 2

The developers from Valve Corporation have announced that they have decided to improve the DOTA 2 game and copy one of the features of their popular shooting game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The authors of Dota 2 announced that they are starting a new stage in the fight against toxic players and their behavior, which spoils the games for other gamers. For this, it was decided to create a new system in which the players themselves will be able to participate in the search for violators. In terms of its functionality, it will be very close to the "Patrol" (Overwatch) from the CS: GO shooter . The developers are not yet ready to disclose the details of this system, but promise to do so in the near future. They also try to put this into play as quickly as possible.


In  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, all players can become investigators of the "Patrol". Such an opportunity appears for those gamers who have gained enough points, show a good level of play and did not break the rules. CS: GO investigators are presented with “cases” that they can consider. Such users are given the opportunity to view several rounds of someone else's game from the face of a potential intruder. After that, they must decide whether he behaved correctly, whether he interfered with other players and whether he used cheats. Several different CS: GO players view the same record, and then the system, based on all the verdicts, makes a decision: punish the suspect or reject complaints about him.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 have been the most popular games on Steam for years.