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EA teases Need for Speed ​​fans

Several tweets have appeared on the official Twitter of the Need for Speed ​​series, hinting that something interesting is in store for October 5th. It is quite possible that on Monday we will see the official announcement of the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit remaster, which will be exactly 10 years old on November 16.


In total, there were 3 teasers, each of which shows the number 510. The first image is a license plate and a sign, the second is the wanted level and the number of cops, and the third is a familiar pizzeria advertisement with a phone number consisting of “510”. 

By the way, all the tweets feature the Nissan 350z, which was an icon of NFS Underground 2, and the name “Big Joe” can be found on the sign of the pizzeria. This was the name of the character Joe Vega from Need For Speed: Most Wanted.