Genshin Impact - Change of course. Game ratings began to plummet

Genshin Impact - Change of course. Game ratings began to plummet

It's been almost a month since the official release of Action / RPG Genshin Impact from the Chinese studio miHoYo. The game was quite warmly received by the community and received a large number of positive reviews, and still attracts a huge number of viewers on streaming platforms. However, not everything is so smooth.

Despite a good start and a large number of players, Genshin Impact is starting to lose everyone's love. On Metacritic, Game rating dropped to 5.6 out of 10, and the number of negative reviews is close to positive. This situation is due to the low chance of dropping five-star characters. Additionally, players are complaining about the pitch mechanic, which severely limits activity at high levels. Discontent is also caused by the lack of variety of content after the completion of the main plot and side quests.

However, the developers are not sitting idle and are actively working on future updates. Already next month, the first major update should be released, which will significantly improve various game mechanics, including a redesigned resin system, and add a continuation of Li Yue's storytelling. And in December, the world of Genshin Impact will become even larger thanks to the new location Dragonspine Mountain. Only time will tell whether the miHoYo team can win back the favor of gamers and retain such a large audience.

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