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Ghost of Tsushima - Legends Co-op Coming October 16

Ghost of Tsushima - Legends Co-op Coming October 16

The action-adventure  Ghost of Tsushima  from Sucker Punch Productions is already one of the most successful exclusives for the PlayStation 4 console, and three months after its release, it will receive a major update.

The main innovation, announced back in August, is the Legends cooperative mode. In it, players will be able to choose one of four classes (samurai, hunter, ronin and assassin), unite in a group (up to four people) and test themselves in story missions, battles with waves of enemies like Japanese demons, and a three-part raid. The latter will not be added immediately, but in a few weeks.

Also, the game will have a new game + mode. All this will breathe new life into the story of the confrontation between the lonely samurai Sakai Jin and the Mongol hordes who occupied the island of Tsushima. All content will be free and will be released on October 16th.