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how to make paper in Minecraft?

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Today in this guide we will talk about how to make papers? you probably think it's difficult? In fact, nothing is easier! But first, let's see what paper can be used for in Minecraft.

  • Paper can be used to make a book, an enchanted book, a book with a feather. They all have their uses in the game. So from an enchanted book, you can transfer the enchantment to another item, and in a book with a pen, you can keep records as in a real diary. Books are also used to create bookcases.
  • Using paper and a compass, you can create a map in Minecraft. And to write down different areas on it, you need a lot of maps and that means a lot of paper.
  • Since version 4.6 in Minecraft, you can create rockets that explode in the sky with colorful fireworks. Paper is also involved in their craft.

How to make paper in Minecraft

Find the reed beds first. It can only grow near water, so walk along the banks of a river or lake. Sugarcane often grows in the desert. At least it's easier to find it there. By collecting the three pieces of the reed, you can get the paper as follows:

make paper in Minecraft

But I advise you not to process all the cane. Better plant it near water, and then pick it up when it grows up. In this case, you can hit the second block. The second and third will fall out, and the lower one will remain and will grow again. And if you need a lot of paper, you can build an automatic reed farm using pistons and a redstone signal that will activate them.

Sugarcane in minecraft