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Hyper Scape - Season 2 kicks off in October (new modes, weapons and abilities)

Very soon , the second season will begin in the vast urban Battle Royale Hyper Scape , as reported by Ubisoft, which has published a trailer showing what exactly the developers have prepared for users.

Among the innovations awaiting players should be noted the weapon under the designation "Atrax" and the ability "Platform", which allows you to place small areas in the air. Also, additional modes will be added with such telling names as “The floor is lava” and the pair “Hunt for the crown”. In addition, another important object will appear on the map - "Memorial Hill".

Of course, it won't do without another Battle Pass. It will include hundreds of levels, and among the rewards there is a place for cosmetic items made in the style of Assassin's Creed action . By the way, the video presented also contains a teaser for a themed event dedicated to the upcoming Halloween.