League of Legends - Seraphina Overview

League of Legends - Seraphina Overview

One of the key features of the 10.22 update, the last update released before the start of the 2021 MOBA League of Legends update, is the new champion - Serafina, familiar to many from the virtual pop group K / DA, whose single "MORE" was published by Riot Games just the day before. 

In this regard, the developers have prepared a short overview video to demonstrate what the young performer is capable of. The video is intended to visually demonstrate the dreamy singer's abilities, and at the same time provide some tips on how the power of music can deprive her enemies.

In addition to this, the developers presented a recording of the heroine's official track and released themed skins from the “K / DA ALL OUT” series, which included skins for all members of this creative team.

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