League of Legends - Team DAMWON Gaming Became the New World Champion

Team DAMWON Gaming Became the New World Champion

Yesterday, October 31, in Shanghai, at the Pudong Stadium, a series of final battles took place in one of the largest annual esports events in MOBA League of Legends - the World Championship, during which the strongest team of 2020 was determined.

The confrontation for such an honorable title unfolded between the Suning and DAMWON Gaming teams, but the latter managed to beat their opponents from the Middle Kingdom with a score of 3: 1, so the main prize of the competition, the Summoners' Cup in an exclusive Louis Vuitton case, will go to South Korea.

By the way, the final started with the opening ceremony, where the virtual music pop group K / DA performed with their new single "MORE". 

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