Magic: The Gathering Arena - Fresh Jumpstart Format Review

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Today we're taking a look at the all-new Magic: The Gathering format, which just went live. It's about Jumpstart! Jumpstart is easy to learn and incredibly fun. Mix, mix, and wreak havoc with 46 different themes! If you are tired of classic formats like Standard or Commander, or you want to start your acquaintance with Magic: The Gathering with something more "fresh", then Jumpstart is exactly what you were looking for!

Magic: The Gathering Arena jumpstart pack

Jumpstart is perfect for fun get-togethers with friends. For a long time, the Commander format was considered the benchmark for "kitchen" Magic - it does not require a large number of expensive or rare cards, and allows you to almost 100% sharpen the deck to your taste, not taking into account any trends, meta-games or tournaments. But with the release of Jumpstart, the Commander can give way to the "people's" favorite! Jumpstart requires much less financial investment and has a lot of variability. In addition, there is absolutely no requirement for deck-building skills. And unlike Draft, you don't need to know all the cards and winning combinations of the set in which you are playing Draft.

Magic: The Gathering Arena - Fresh Jumpstart Format Review

I would put variety and unpredictability first among the benefits of Jumpstart. Judge for yourself: there are 46 themes among the Jumpstart kits: Dogs! Pirates! Zombie! Unicorns! Rainbows ?! Some themes even have multiple versions. Just think of the possibilities! These 46 themes are totally insane combos: choose your two favorite theme boosters and enjoy epic combos and combinations. Each Jumpstart booster contains 20 cards that share one theme. Open two boosters, shuffle and play. Even if you have limited experience playing Magic: The Gathering, it will be easy to learn - and not boring soon!

Magic: The Gathering Arena -Jumpstart card

It sounds simple, but the gameplay is different from anything previously in Magic: The Gathering products. Let's say you and a friend decide to buy 4 Jumpstart sets: that is exactly how much you need to play comfortably without using other cards from your collection. 8 unique combinations can be obtained from them. For example, your friend got "Angels" and "Cats", and you - "Dinosaurs" and "Liliana". If you get tired of playing with combined decks from your own themes, you can swap and play "Liliana" + "Cats" against "Angels" + "Dinosaurs" and so on! The number of possible combinations is off scale. Tired of those four boosters you took to play with a friend? Buy a couple more, and mix them with the existing ones for a new gaming experience.

Magic: The Gathering Arena - Fresh Jumpstart card

All cards are legal in “Eternal” formats (Legacy, Vintage and Commander), so they will never become a dead weight in your collection. In addition to a large number of reprints, among more than 500 maps you will find 37 brand new ones that were invented and released specifically for this format, but their use is not limited to Jumpstart! Yes, not everyone may like the element of randomness when opening the Jumpstart booster, but it was for new sensations that it was invented. Jumpstart themes range from mundane ("Garruk") to extremely unusual ("Doctor"), and the two themes can sometimes create truly fun combinations that you won't see in other formats ("Dr. Garruk"). If you've ever wanted to create a deck of Pirate Cats, now you have the opportunity!

Magic: The Gathering Arena - Fresh Jumpstart card 2

Of the most interesting topics, I can single out: "Phyrexia" (many folk favorites that left the Standard long ago), "Minotaurs" with "Dragons" (these tribes rarely play in any formats after the rotation of the Khans of Tarkir block), " Teferi "(perfect for a different theme due to the addition of cards and control)," Pirates "(Arrrrrr!)," Walls "(a very unusual set!) And this is just my personal top! Cards vary in rarity, and one theme can be presented in 2-3 variations. You can view a complete list of 46 topics by  following the link.

Magic: The Gathering Arena - Fresh Jumpstart card 3

In conclusion, it should be said that this fall, Jumpstart just took off. I am sure that Wizards of the Coast will not abandon this format in the future, but will release new themes and develop it, taking into account the wishes and criticism of the players. Magic the Gathering: Arena did not pass by Jumpstart either - for a whole month, from mid-July to mid-August, the novelty was "tested" in the Arena, where for 2000 gold or 400 gems one could take part in a special event. At the start, you were given 2 randomly selected Jumpstart boosters and an opponent was selected who also played a deck of 2 boosters. In the Arena, there was a little less randomness, because players were given the opportunity to choose 1 of 3 random themes. The run-in was quite successful, so I'm sure the digital return of Jumpstart is just around the corner!

Magic: The Gathering Arena

Among other things, each booster contains one base land with a unique artwork that matches the theme of the set. These are completely new lands created specifically for the Jumpstart format. And for confident play with two colors (one from each booster), Jumpstart introduces a new  type of  land - Thriving. When you enter the game, you choose 1 color, and the Blooming Land, when turned, gives either the default color or the one you chose when you entered the game. Simple, elegant and convenient!

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