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Marvel Realm of Champions - Story Trailer & Mobile MOBA Gameplay Basics

 World of Battle, Earth-15513, which became the arena for the "Secret Wars", is very popular with the creators of mobile games based on Marvel comics.

Soon, another one will be released - a hybrid MOBA and ARPG  Marvel Realm of Champions  from Kabam and Netmarble. Players will be offered to create their own character based on cult superheroes, join one of the factions and engage in battles for resources in PvE and PvP.

The developers have published a trailer dedicated to the plot: the conflict erupted after the murder of the Maestro. There are 12 factions in the project:

  • Asgardian Republic - Queen Thor
  • Spider Guild - Master Weaver Madame Web
  • Gamma Horde - High Commander Skaar
  • Pyramid X - Pharaoh Apocalypse
  • House of Iron - CEO Stark Prime
  • Kingdom of Wakanda - Queen Shuri
  • Vishanti Temple - Ancient Stephen Strange
  • Patriot Garrison - President Peggy Carter
  • Clan Wolverine - Shogun Logan
  • Deadpool Faction - High Deadpool
  • Vision Faction - Viv Vision
  • Faction Groot - Groot

Marvel Realm of Champions is coming to Android and iOS this year. Pre-registration is already open.