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PlayStation 5 Live - The console is very quiet in a hot room

Today YouTube Gaming Week has ended, during which Japanese journalists and bloggers were allowed to play on the PlayStation 5 in several new products that will be released at the start of the console. The publications noted the exceptional silence and coolness of the device.

Popular Japanese editions 4Gamer and Dengeki have played Godfall, Astro's Playroom, Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition and Balan Wonderworld. However, viewers were expecting new information regarding the technical part, and both portals said that the console is very quiet: the operation of the coolers is barely audible, despite the fact that the room was about 30 degrees Celsius. This is not about idle state, but about playing Godfall.

During the game, we thought: hmm, does the fan rotate at all?

The journalists felt the air outlet of the console - according to them, the flow from there was warm, but not hot. Was SONY able to achieve an engineering miracle with such an overclocked chip thanks to its own unique cooling system?