PlayStation 5 Unboxing

PlayStation 5 Unboxing

IGN has published an unboxing of the PlayStation 5 - so far you can only admire the turned off console, but at the beginning of November the embargo on a full review of the novelty will fall, and we will see it in action. Jason Schreier could not stand it and said that the DualSense controller is even cooler than all the graphical changes he has seen in his life.

The console, as expected, turned out to be weighty, and the reviewer with difficulty pulled it out of the box, fearing to drop it. He noted that in live PlayStation 5 he was pleasantly surprised by its design. The package includes an HDMI 2.1 cable that supports all required signal output standards, a power cable, a stand and a DualSense controller. The headset is no longer included in the kit as unnecessary - the gamepad is equipped with a microphone. The Xbox Series X has a similar package, only batteries are included. As a reminder, SONY has been equipping gamepads with built-in batteries since the PlayStation 3.


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