Praey for the Gods - Survival, Climbing and Giant Killing Game Coming from PC to PlayStation 5

Praey for the Gods for PS5

Another Kickstarter and PC Early Access game is set to be released on consoles - the survival action-adventure  Praey for the Gods from No Matter Studios.

A dying world chained in ice, immersed in an endless winter, has only one hope - a strong and independent heroine, famously exterminating giant monsters, trying to find the cause of a mysterious cataclysm that threatens to destroy all living things.

Players are offered the opportunity to survive and explore the open world, plunging into rivers and lakes and climbing mountains or even monsters, and then rolling off them, craft and, of course, destroy the titans living on a secluded island.

On the PC, the project was released at the beginning of last year and regularly receives updates, preparing for a full release. For some reason, the developers declined to comment on the Xbox Series X / S version, promising to shed light on the situation later.

Praey for the Gods will launch on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox One in Q1 2021.

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