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Press and bloggers unpacked PS5 - collected first impressions.


Press and bloggers unpacked PS5 - collected first impressions.

On October 27, an embargo fell on the publication of the first materials about the PlayStation 5. Journalists from all over the world, published their notes. However, one should not expect deep analytics from them. These were all simple unpacks.

We collected for you a selection of opinions from authoritative portals and at the same time remembered what critics wrote at the start of the previous generation.

And we'll start with former Kotaku reporter and now Bloomberg author Jason Schreier. “The PS5 controller is wild — I’ve been playing Astro’s Playroom (the game that comes with the system) and the combo of rumble/haptic feedback/adaptive triggers feels more “next gen” than any graphical improvements we’ve seen yet. ”he said. At the same time, the journalist emphasized that it is possible that all these bells and whistles will be useful only in a small number of games. But at first glance, they work amazingly.

And here is what the Skull Up editor wrote on Twitter: “Let me put it this way: there are two next-gen consoles releasing next month, but only one next gen controller. The #DualSense is that good." 


The publications also published a video with unpacking. We collected the main thing from several videos. According to Justin Laguerre of IGN, "the console looks very massive, plus it's quite heavy." The journalist did not forget about the gloves, as he is afraid to slap the console. Matte side panels do not collect prints. But the glossy middle easily shows the pattern of the phalanges of its owner's fingers.

Let us step in and point out that the console is simply wrapped in plastic wrap. It doesn't look too presentable, as if you are buying a used version with ebay.

As if the seller shook the console in the first thing that came to hand. However, these are only press kits, and it is possible that the console will be packaged at the start of sales as it should be.

Justin also noted that the PS5 comes with a gamepad, stand, power cable, USB-C cable for charging the joystick and HDMI. The presenter drew particular attention to the stand and even demonstrated what needs to be done to fix the console on it. Spoiler: it takes a long time, and you can't do it without a screwdriver, which is not included in the kit.

CNET also shared its opinion on DualSense. Jeff Bakalar, in a five-minute video, described how the controller differs from its predecessor: “I was able to playAstro's Playroom , and I can say that with DualSense the new functionality feels very good. While playing, I noticed that the controller has the usual vibration that we are used to, but at the same time tactile feedback works. "

Jeff also particularly noted adaptive triggers. According to him, the fingers feel impact and resistance when pressed. Like Schreier, he shared concerns that the technology would not work in all games.

Among others, Sony sent the console to Justine Ezarik, the author of the iJustine channel. The presenter really liked the design of the set-top box: “It's amazing, it looks like a spaceship. It looks very futuristic."

The Youtuber also unpacked the accessories for the camera, which will be on sale along with the console. “The Pulse 3D headphones can be adjusted to fit your head.” Justin said. Although it seems that they look too massive. Wondering how much this headset weighs? The blogger herself noted that the weight is slightly more than she expected.

Like all journalists, Justin loved the new controller. "Adaptive triggers are insanely cool." Well, I can't wait to test the gamepad. I, the author of these lines, even a little regret that I pre-ordered Series X ...

The last to express his opinion was Marques Brownlee. And the first thing that the reviewer noted, barely removing the packaging, was the size of the console: “Oh, it's really big. Yes, she looks great, but how huge she is. " Markus also noted the stand, without which the console cannot lie flat on the table. Sony has taken care of this by adding a dedicated stand to the package. With it, when the console is installed in a horizontal position, it seems that the attachment is floating above the surface. But if you have a little space under the TV, then you will have to refuse to use the stand.

The blogger also drew attention to the engraved surfaces of the side panels. Each of them is embossed with small symbols - a triangle, a circle, a cross and a square. PlayStation symbols.

The Verge journalists also expressed their opinion about the new console. They noted that the new controller is slightly heavier, but thanks to the texture on the back, it is more comfortable to hold. The publication also compared the Japanese console with American competitors such as the Xbox Series X and S. PS5 takes up much more space and, according to journalists, does not fit into the interior at all, although it looks very futuristic.

The recorded Astro's Playroom gameplay has also appeared online. So, the journalists of Easy Allies, like many bloggers, noted the amazing work of tactile feedback.

Also interesting is the new function for recording short videos when you receive the next achievement. As planned, players will be able to show off not only screenshots, as it is now on PS4, but also full-fledged video clips. Interesting, but again the question arises as to how this will be implemented in other games.

In the finale, let's recall what the media wrote at the start of the PlayStation 4. Here is what Stephen Totilo, editor of Kotaku, noted in his review back in 2013: “The PS4 is an amazingly small box. I think the 2015 PS4 Slim could be the same thickness. (We hope that by 2022 there will be a PS5 Slim that will definitely be smaller than the current revision.) The DualShock 4 retains two sticks and many buttons, terrifying Wii bowling fans. This controller won't break any barriers like Microsoft's Wii or Kinect remote control did. Nevertheless, it continues to delight loyal fans of console gaming."

Recall that the start of sales of the PlayStation 5 in US November 12 and in India November 19.