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Star Citizen Beta released?

On October 10, 2012, the MMM-long-term construction Star Citizen was announced, in the creation of which almost $ 315 million was invested over the years.  And these are just funds received from backers, not counting investments.

To mark an important date, the developers released Alpha 3.11, and Cloud Imperium Games and personally Chris Roberts published another message to the community and held a Q&A session. The release date of the project in beta, let alone the release, no one expected to hear.

In the message, Roberts compared his brainchild to the American Apollo space program, which brought humanity to the Moon (although, given conspiracy theories, this may be a subtle hint), and himself, apparently, to US President John F. Kennedy.

Yes, work on the ambitious MMORPG continues, even if it often boils down to selling another handful of pixels in the form of ships for hundreds of dollars, CIG has assured fans that it will move from roadmaps to roadmaps to more thorough and thorough reporting of progress.

At the same time, the studio will not sacrifice quality for the sake of a quick release and release a game for show. This also applies to the storyline campaign Squadron 42, which from now on "will be ready when ready . " In his defense, Roberts blamed the complexity of creating video games and cited Red Dead Redemption 2 , The Last of Us Part II, and Cyberpunk 2077 as examples  . Well, the fact that the budget for these games will be smaller, and the money for them does not come from the pockets of fans ... well, little things.

Star Citizen and Squadron 42 Coming to PC, Release Date → No clue.