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Starbreeze showed the first frame of PayDay 3

Starbreeze has released the first frame of the PayDay 3 co-op shooter to celebrate the round follower mark on the Payday series Twitter account. Perhaps the picture shows the robber Sidney, who went to the bottom with Clover in the main ending of PayDay 2 . Along with this, the first details of the project appeared.

At the moment, the development of PayDay 3 is at the design stage. It is already known that the game engine will not be Diesel, but Unreal Engine as in the previous two parts. For some reason, the developers decided not to indicate the version of the engine.

Earlier it became known that in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, Starbreeze broke off negotiations with potential Payday 3 publishers. According to journalists, the Payday 3 release is scheduled for 2022 or 2023.

First frame of PayDay 3