The first update for Amnesia Rebirth has been released, support for the mod will appear in the next patch

The first update for Amnesia Rebirth has been released

Frictional Games has released the first update for Amnesia Rebirth. According to the team, this first patch aims to fix a number of bugs reported by its fans. Moreover, it gives players the ability to skip memories.

Frictional Games also announced that modding support will be added in the next patch. Amnesia: The Dark Descent has benefited a lot from its modding community, so this doesn't surprise us too much. In addition to supporting the mod, the second patch for Amnesia: Rebirth will contain more Linux fixes and general bugs.

Below is a complete list of changes.

  • You can now skip memories by holding the left mouse button or right trigger on your controller.
  • Fixed a graphics glitch in Linux.
  • Fixed various blockers.
  • Various bug fixes.

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