The SIMS 4 Add-On Review: Snowy Expanse

SIMS 4 is a game with a lot of add-ons. Together with our Sims, we managed to study at the university, work, sunbathe on tropical islands and even fly to a galaxy far, far away. What will the new adventure offer us?

This time, the developers decided to turn around in full and "Snowy Expanse" offer extensive innovations and a very radical change in the environment we are used to. The creators of the game did not limit themselves to simply adding a new location and interior items, instead they shoveled the basic mechanics of the game, added new ones and spiced it all up with a rather cute atmosphere of a winter eastern resort city. For some reason, my first association was with winter Sapporo.

The SIMS 4 Add-On Review: Snowy Expanse screenshot 1

The very first thing that catches your eye is, of course, the architectural changes. The new city was clearly created with an eye on the Japanese style, and therefore the characteristic roofs, wall decoration, sliding doors and windows, shoji-style partitions, as well as tatami mats on the floors immediately set the player in the right mood. You can move into a ready-made house, or give free rein to your design genius and build your own estate from hot to kotatsu and geisha. If you wish, you can build a small sanctuary and a rock garden in the courtyard, and get exotic ornamental fish traditional for Asia in your personal pond. In short, harmony and complete Zen.

In addition to new elements for the exterior and interior, new themed costumes have been added. Kimonos of various shapes, sizes and colors, as well as new winter outfits, because on vacation we will not only indulge in meditation on our inner Self, but will also actively use the local mountain slopes of Komorebi. This is the name of the local mountain peak and the resort village of Yukimatsu is located on its slopes, attracting many tourists.

The SIMS 4 Add-On Review: Snowy Expanse screenshot 2

After all, the developers put our sims on skis, sleds and snowboards. Now your ward will be able to ride a lot from the steep mountains of the add-on and at the same time improve the skill of using skis, sledges or snowboards, and in the future he will begin to teach other family members or acquaintances this fun type of outdoor activity. The pitfalls are the numerous bruises and abrasions on your protégé that affect the mood in a negative way until your Sim has mastered at least a couple of levels of the difficult art of skiing or snowboarding. Sleigh rides, by the way, can be enjoyed with company, which will help develop relationships between Sims during this fun time.

The SIMS 4 Add-On Review: Snowy Expanse screenshot 3

Those looking for a more relaxing holiday can choose something more sublime than an active holiday in Yukimatsu and go to Senbamachi. Also known as the City of Thousand Leaves, Senbamachi is the oldest city in the region. Local residents and tourists really like the closeness to nature and the pristine appearance of the latter, not disturbed by human intervention. Here your Sims will be able to wander through the bamboo groves to their fullest, take pictures of strange animals and, perhaps, the keepers of the forest themselves will meet with you. The nature itself really came out from the developers very beautiful and pleasant. Blooming sakura trees, clear streams and waterfalls, rock gardens, mountain sanctuaries where you can make a wish, pray, or take a selfie - all this sets you up in some kind of pacifying mood. By the way, selfies are a very handy thing in the game for creating cute screenshots,

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The supplement is very beautiful and you can spend time in its open spaces for a very long time, simply admiring the beauty of the surrounding nature, or riding the cable car to the very top of the local mountains and dashingly going down. Well, you can relax in the traditional hot springs, or take a steam shower in a hotel or rented house. In addition, it became possible to rent temporary housing in the resort area and this is a very convenient thing when, for a reasonable price, you get a ready-made house with amenities within walking distance from the cable car station.

And finally, I can't help but mention lifestyles. The developers have tried very hard to ensure that the new mechanics breathe new life into the development system of your digital men and at the same time does not break what is already working well. As you might guess from the name, lifestyles are what a sim lives with. His beliefs, preferences, etc.

The SIMS 4 Add-On Review: Snowy Expanse screenshot 5

Previously, something similar was in a very stripped-down version, but now the developers have dispersed with might and main. For example, you can choose a vegan lifestyle and avoid eating meat. If your friends share your beliefs, you can share the nutritious tofu delicacies with chopsticks and experience a range of feelings together. Or, on the contrary, your confrontation with an adherent of a different lifestyle may turn into a natural neighborly war.

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The way of life and joint experiences and feelings have greatly changed the vector and nature of the development of relations between the characters. Now the path to friendship or love is not so straightforward and you will have to try to find your soul mate, but the more interesting and fun the process itself becomes. And that's all for me. I issue the addition The SIMS 4: Snowy Expanse 8/10 and say goodbye.

Until next time and play good games.

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