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Warface - Halloween event has started

The free online shooter Warface has begun the Halloween celebration . The new map “Ghost Town” for the “Survival” mode will return players to Pripyat. In honor of the holiday, the weapon series "Halloween" and "Frankenstein", as well as other themed accessories were released.

In the "Survival" mode, a new map "Ghost Town" has appeared, returning players to Pripyat, where they will have to take part in a terrible experiment, face the consequences of the use of psychotronic weapons and dangerous anomalies.

The gloomy city is divided into three zones, one of which is chosen randomly before the start of the game, and movement outside of it is limited by a deadly energy barrier. In the center of each zone is an electromagnetic pulse tower, by activating that players can destroy all living things within the barrier. The FCG-R3 K1 energy gun will be an auxiliary tool for fighting the enemy.

In honor of All Saints' Day, themed weapons series "Halloween" and "Frankenstein" were prepared, the frightening design of which perfectly complements the lethality of the already familiar models. By eliminating opponents from the weapons of the festive series, players will be able to receive unique achievements - badges, tokens and stripes. The most recognizable Halloween attribute, the pumpkin lantern, appears as a roundabout mine. Not without decorations - the game has 5 new key chains for weapons and frightening masks.

This year, two thematic maps will return - "Quarter" and "Farm". The festive atmosphere of last year's events will complement the already eventful Halloween.