Warframe - Endgame Nightwave, Nezha Prime and Mastery Rank 30 Are Live

Nezha Prime warframe

The development team from the studio Digital Extremes announced that the players of the multiplayer shooter Warframe have the opportunity to get the Prime version of the Nezha frame, as well as new weapons.

Relics with blueprints for creating Nezhi Prime, the Guandao Prime spear and the Zakti Prime pistol can be obtained for completing various missions, as well as orders in open locations and in the Railjack space battles mode. However, with the advent of new products, Misa Prime, Deliverer Prime and Akjagara Prime went to the vault.

In addition, it is time for the final of the third episode of the "Glassblower" night wave. After thoroughly investigating crime scenes, clues and broken glass in the origin system, you track Glassblower to a key location. Places where a glassblower in ancient times killed thousands, if not millions. Episode 5 has even more questions to ask, as the last victim you'll find is Orokin. Perhaps the one who opposed Nikhil in the past? Find evidence to find out where the Glassblower is hiding and finally ruin his plans.

In this update, the developers revised the rift mods and added the ability to get mastery rank 30. After 8 years, players can finally pass the main test to become real space ninjas. For the maximum mastery rank, you will receive 3 Umbra Forms, 15 slots for equipment configuration, 30 slots for rift mods, a unique emoji for chat and emotion, decoration for a landing ship, and the ability to activate a blessing on one of the Relays. After reaching rank 30, legendary ranks will open.

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