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Warframe - Naberus Nights Halloween Event Has Started

Every year, Digital Extremes studio prepares unique events for the players of the multiplayer shooter Warframe in honor of the celebration of All Saints Day. And this time Tenno is waiting for the Naberus Nights festival.

The event takes place on Deimos, and the main character is the Daughter. Naberus Nights is an ancient festival, the atmosphere of which literally pervades the air of the ancient city of Necrolisk. A large number of thematic items have appeared in the assortment of the Daughter's store, which she will gladly exchange for the symbols of the Mother. So head to the moon of Mars and complete orders to slay the ghoulish and terrible Infected for unique festival items such as ephemera, glyphs, Necromech skin, palette, sigils, and weapon skins. And of particular interest should be the decoration for the Orbiter, with which you can listen to the story of Grandmother. Also in the festival shop you can find blueprints for creating a plague Zo and infected hoaxers.

The Naberus Nights event runs until November 9th.

Together with the launch of the event, the development team released an update for the game. Among the changes, it is worth highlighting the reduction in the time of the second stage of orders for storage on Deimos from 3 to 1 minute 30 seconds.