Watch Dogs: Legion has been rated by critics


Watch Dogs: Legion has been rated by critics

Ubisoft will release the game Watch Dogs: Legion tomorrow, and today the company lifted the embargo on publications about it. After that, the ratings and opinions of critics appeared on the network.

First estimates:

  • Game Informer - 9/10
  • GameSpot - 8/10
  • Shacknews - 8/10
  • GotGame - 8/10
  • Wccftech - 7.9 / 10
  • Gamerheadquarters - 7.8 / 10
  • Pixel Arts - 7.5 / 10
  • Gameblog - 7/10
  • PCGamesN - 7/10
  • Metro GameCentral - 6/10
  • PlayStation Universe - 6/10
  • Stevivor - 6/10
  • Video Game Sophistry - 6/10

What the critics write:

Whether you are controlling a trained super spy or an old lady, Watch Dogs: Legion will give you tons of fun.
- Game Informer.

Watch Dogs Legion is a big step forward for the series, with plenty of experimental new gameplay features to complement familiar mechanics. London is incredible and fun to explore. The only pity is that the story is not as good as the map.

- Wccftech. 

Great implementation and an abundance of possibilities create a fun sandbox in which to play, but the "toothless" story cuts everything off.

- PCGamesN. 

According to Metacritic , the game earned 74 points out of 100, and Opencritic shares this assessment. 

Metacritic screenshot

Opencritic Screenshot

In general, journalists and observers gave a positive assessment of the game. It was enough for the graphics and innovations, but the overall tone was restrained. In fact, in their opinion, Ubisoft has turned out another game in the series that does not stand out too much against the general background. And the ability to recruit residents was even recorded as a minus, since usually players associate themselves with one character.

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