World of Warcraft: Shadowlands - Expansion Date Announced

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands - Expansion Date Announced

None of the living inhabitants of Azeroth know what awaits in the afterlife - but the heroes of the Horde and Alliance will soon find out. Blizzard Entertainment announced a new release date for World of Warcraft : Shadowlands - November 24 (02:00 UTC)! The Shadowlands expansion was originally slated for late October. The developers have postponed it to make adjustments and fixes based on feedback from beta participants and provide players with the most exciting journey to the afterlife of Azeroth when the expansion is released. For more information on the new release date, check out a post from WoW Executive Producer John Hight published on the World of Warcraft website. In the eighth World of Warcraft expansion, players will be able to travel to the Dark Lands - countless worlds of death, where souls receive new destinations ... or find themselves doomed to eternal torment at the hands of the Jailer in the Tower of the Damned. While exploring the uncharted expanse of the other world, players will be able to learn about the fate of the legendary heroes of the world of Warcraft, ally with one of the four covenants that rule unique kingdoms, and ultimately fight the threat hidden in the darkness that seeks to destroy the entire universe. Blizzard today also announced the release dates for content updates related to Shadowlands:

  • On November 10, the Scourge invades Azeroth: after the destruction of the Helm of Dominance and the emergence of a heavenly rift over Icecrown, the Scourge forces again go on the offensive - the heroes of Azeroth must fight the army of the undead and prevent it from engulfing the entire world. The Shadowlands Pre-Release Event kicks off on November 10th.
  • On December 8, the gates of Nafria Castle open: "Nafria Castle" is the first exciting raid in the Shadowlands expansion, where players will have to defeat 10 bosses. He will appear in the game on December 8th. This will also be the start of Season 1 of Raids, Mythic Dungeons, and PvP in Shadowlands.

In addition , the release date for the new raid in World of Warcraft Classic has been announced.

  • Naxxramas is coming to WoW Classic on December 2, as WoW Classic players can answer the call and team up to battle the treacherous lich Kel'Thuzad in his floating necropolis called Naxxramas, the final and most challenging raid from the original World of Warcraft.

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