$ 100 billion global challenge kicks off in GTA Online

$ 100 billion global challenge kicks off in GTA Online

A Global Challenge for Robbers around the world has kicked off in GTA Online . Players need to complete the final stage of any heist and the entire gaming community to steal $ 100 billion. If the required amount is collected by November 18, then all players, without exception, will receive a new car, and the robbers who took part in the “collective collection” will receive an honorary award. 

Along with this, Rockstar Games announced weekly in-game discounts and reduced the cost of preparing the casino heist by 75% until November 18. This week you can buy a penthouse and modify it at a 35% discount, just like the games room, only there the discount is only 30%. 

The pleasant bonuses do not end there. Anyone who logs into GTA Online before November 18 will receive a small GTA $ 1 Million bonus, which will be available between November 19 and November 25.

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