A Call of Duty player accidentally activated third person mode. It looks good enough


A Call of Duty player accidentally activated third person mode

An unusual bug was encountered by one player in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare : He accidentally activated a third-person camera, which officially shouldn't be in the famous shooter.

Glitch video posted by Reddit user on subredditCall of Duty: Warzone . In the video, you can see that this is not just an accidentally flown away camera, but a fully working mode with a third-person camera. For example, when aiming, the camera goes over the shoulder of the player, as happens in many projects with this mode. However, the crosshairs did not appear in the video.

I managed to glitch my game into third person from r/CODWarzone

In the comments, they noted that in this mode, Call of Duty began to resemble PUBG or even a modern versionSOCOM . For an occasional bug, the camera moves and positions suspiciously well. Most likely, Infinity Ward has tested or is preparing a similar regime.

How to make a third person camera in Call of Duty? The user said that he needed to start lifting his teammate, and at that moment he needed to exit the game. In this case, the camera will move away and will remain hanging over your head. 

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