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All world events on the Norway map in Assassin's Creed Valhalla


All world events on the Norway map in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

World Events are sort of side quests that you can find as you progress through the Assassin's Creed Valhalla story campaign . They are scattered across almost all camps and will not take long to complete. But some of them have different outcomes. To find a world event, synchronize the terrain at key points and be guided by the blue markers. Many of these markers indicate an available event. In this guide, we'll show you how to complete all of the world events in Norway.

Sweet-tongued traitor

This quest can be found while exploring the settlement of Stavangr, which is south of the island of Ikke en Oy (this island you will sail in the story, and you can raid it). In the settlement, find a man named Sulke and talk to him. It turns out that he took part in the raid on the father of the protagonist (heroine) and now sells things from the settlement of the Raven clan. After the dialogue, he will run away.

  • Don't kill him right away!
Trace to which house Sulke runs, then finish it off. Pick up the key from his lifeless body, open the house and look for prey.

Captain's Choice

The task can be taken in the same settlement. Talk to the man named Rolf. It is located in the central square of the village. Rolf will ask you to take part in a competition with three of his best fighters. Don't give up on this venture.

Follow the man and start a fist fight. First, there will be two fighters against you, then another one will connect. As usual, dodge and parry on time, and hit with short, quick hits.


  • 1200 experience points;
  • 40 silver.

Looking for glory

You can take this task from a guy named Erlend, who is standing on the banks of the river south of the settlement of Stavangr. Since Erlend is a coward, he asks to bring him the wounded beast so that he can deal with him. You can find bears near this place. The reward for completing the world event will depend on whether you brought the beast wounded or not.


  • 20 silver (if Erlend died);
  • 1200 experience points (if Erlen survived).

The sorcerer's fate

Follow the southeast of the last world event to meet the hunter. He will tell you about a sorcerer who allegedly poisoned his sister. To find the sorcerer, simply follow the hunter and find yourself at the sorcerer's lair. Talk to a man. He will tell a completely different story. The battle will begin immediately after the dialogue. You can choose a side to fight for, or not interfere at all.


  • 20 silver;
  • 1200 experience points.

Crest of heroes

This world event can be found near Fornburg. Follow the stream east, then turn onto the road. In the distance, you will see a small waterfall. Talk to the girl by the water. She will ask you to find a hair comb. It is located at the very bottom of the reservoir. Give Biel her comb back and listen to the story. At the end of the story, you can choose to let the girl take the burden off you, or refuse her.

Drang defeated

From the last world event, follow the cliffs, then climb up. Use your raven to see the blue mark on the map. You need to find the entrance to the cave, in the Hildisvini Rock region. In the cave, you will find a warrior named Eric the Faithful. He will offer to fight him, because he is tired of life and wants to go to Odin.

It should be warned that this opponent is very strong. If your character's power is weak, but you still want to defeat him, then use our tips:

  • Before going to the cave, buy as many arrows as possible (preferably with large tips);
  • After the start of the fight, go back a little through the cave, then climb the hill (there is a hidden passage that can be opened with a few hits with melee weapons);
  • Attack Eric from a hill until you kill him.

While on a hill, be vigilant, as the enemy will throw throwing axes at you from time to time. By the way, Eric's weakest point is his head.


  • 2 skill points;
  • Spear Fafnir's Fang.

The warrior who walks in a dream

This world event will become active if you visit the area to the west of the Hildisvini Rocks. You will see a sleeping patrolman. If you interact with him, he will get up and head to the rope descent. Follow him, and when he wakes up, tell us what happened. As a reward, you will receive 1200 experience points.

Born to fight

On your way to Alrekstad, you will meet a little girl named Kaya. She will ask to join her and participate in the raid of Portcherter. Follow the girl who will lead you to an abandoned shack with targets. Get rid of all targets, open all the chests and talk to the child again. As a reward for completing the event, you will receive 1200 experience points.

How to light the flame of love

In Alrextad, find a strange girl who will tell you about her problem. Enter the house, select the torch and throw it into the hay. When the fire lights up, the girl will give you the rusty key to the chest.


  • Leather +15
  • Minor Rune of Shadow (weapon upgrade)
  • Iron ore +13
  • 1200 experience points.

Fly agaric

The event is located near Fornburg, in the Rugjafylke region. Explore an island with an abandoned house On the other side of the island from the abandoned house, you will find three statues with a fly agaric in the middle. To activate the task, eat the fly agaric.

Five gates will appear around you, which must be passed in a specific order. You can see the clue on the stone table by the three statues. It says the following:

  1. First, go through the gate with the statue of Thor (the second gate to the right of the central statue)
  2. The next gate is the first to the left of the central statue
  3. The last gate is the third gate to the right or left.

Old man at the edge of the cliff

You will find this event in the Rygjafylke region, near the highest vantage point. When you find yourself nearby, you will see an old man at the edge of the cliff. Talk to him. He will ask you to throw all his personal belongings off the cliff. Do this and see what happens next. There is no point in looting, since the old man's pockets will be empty.

New England

The event can be started by exploring the outermost island on the border of Rygjafylke and Hordafylke regions. Find a lonely hut on the island and talk to the man. Follow him and listen to his nonsense. In fact, the old man is crazy and you need to decide what to do with him. When you meet his son, choose one of the options:

  • (FALSE) The Picts are ready to surrender - if you choose this option, the old man's son will be grateful to you.
  • It's time for you to wake up .
As a reward for completing the event, you will only receive 1200 experience points.