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Amnesia Rebirth 1.2 Patch Released, Adding Mod Support


Amnesia Rebirth 1.2 Patch Released, Adding Mod Support

Frictional Games has released patch 1.2 for Amnesia Rebirth , which adds mod support. With this update, the game now offers user stories as well as official modding tools. This will allow players to create everything from slightly tweaked versions of the base game to complete transformations with all new assets.

User stories are modifications (mods) created by users for the base game Amnesia: Rebirth. They can include all new maps and resources, as well as replace any existing file in the game. Custom Stories can be added to the game directly from the User Stories menu on Steam. Alternatively, players can download them from anywhere and place them in the Mods folder.

In terms of modding tools, Amnesia Rebirth offers a level editor and a model editor. LevelEditor is used to create and modify levels, and ModelEditor is used to create entities used at those levels. Modders can open several levels and entities from the game in them to understand how everything works.

As always, Steam will download this latest update the next time you launch its client. You can also find his complete changelog below.

Amnesia Rebirth 1.2 Update Release Notes

  • User stories can now be selected from the main menu.
  • The editors used in the development of Amnesia: Rebirth have been added to the game's installation directory.
  • Fear no longer increases when reading notes.
  • Disabling video distortion now disables the pulsating tilt and zoom effect when standing in the dark.
  • Inventory can now be opened using the D-Pad Up on gamepads that do not have a View / Back button.
  • Fixed a serious bug that caused the game to freeze on a black screen after introducing.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the game did not progress after a major cutscene at the end of the game.
  • Also fixed a bug due to which some memories could not be played from the notebook.
  • Fixed a bug due to which some objects did not play sounds when dragged on the floor.
  • Various other fixes.