Among Us: Cheat mod for android


Among Us: Cheat mod for android

This mod is intended for the mobile version among us, for playing online.


Fake Impostor - makes you a fake traitor and allows you to jump into the ventilation

No Kill cooldown - removes the timer before the next kill

Show Imposters - the traitor will be highlighted

No Emergency Cooldown - endless general meetings

Color Cycler - random color change

Teleport to player - teleport to anyone player

Teleport to me - teleport any player to yourself

Freeze position - freeze any player

Attach to player - stick to another character

Attach player to me - stick another character to yourself

Spoof Message - send a message to the chat on behalf of another player

Kick Player - kick the player from session

Cast Vote - vote on behalf of other players

Report Dead - kick out a dead player

Blame Murder Player - teleport the traitor to the player and kill him.

Murder Player as me - teleport the traitor to the player and kill him on your behalf

Complete Player Tasks - complete all the tasks of the selected player

Force Impostor [Host] - you are always a traitor (you need to be the host)

Attach Lobby Behind - select the player behind whom everyone except you will stand in a row

Teleport All to me - teleport all players to yourself

Teleport All to player - teleport all players to another player

Freeze All Players - freeze all players (you need to be a host)

Blame Murder Crew - kill all crew members on behalf of the traitor

Me Murder Crew - kill all crew members on your own behalf

Murder Impostors - kill all traitors

Lock All Doors - close all doors on the ship

Sabotage Loop - sabotage

Repair (o2, com, rea) - repair (oxygen, communication module, reactor)

Play Shield Animation - animation of shields

Play Weapons Animation - animation of asteroids firing

Play Trash Animation - animation of garbage disposal

Exit - close the menu


1. Install the apk file on your device and run it, give permission.

2. If the game crashes, re-enter it until the menu icon appears, wait about 30 seconds and the game will load.

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